3 Ways to Decorate with Mirrors

Mirrors are often overlooked but they are very versatile pieces that can transform any space with little effort. If you need inspiration, here are 3 ways you can use your mirror.
Use it as a centerpiece
You can use a large standing mirror as a statement in your living room. You can pair mirrors with furniture too — round and arched mirrors go well with curvy furniture. Unique-shaped mirrors can be used as an art piece or you can group it with paintings or photographs.
Don’t be afraid to use more than one
Hang three or more mirrors on your wall like how paintings are grouped in art galleries. You …


Modify Your Courtyard with These 6 Tips

The courtyard can be your personal haven. Revamping this area will surely lift your spirits up.
Here are 6 tips for revamping your courtyard.
Pick a color palette
Focusing on a color palette is the most important step in renovating your courtyard. Everything will fall into place once you’ve decided which colors you will stick to.
Stick to a theme
Now that you sorted out the colors, it’s time to work on your theme. Choose pots and sculptures that have a coherent style.
Add a water feature
Your courtyard doesn’t need to have grandiose fountains. A simple water feature will …


10 Resilient Plants for Black-Thumbed Plant Lovers

As paradoxical as it sounds, there is hope for black-thumbed plant lovers out there! Here are 10 resilient plants that you can grow.
Ade Plant
Succulents are the most resilient and low-maintenance plants.
Aloe Vera
This plant can also be used for moisturizing your skin!
Mother-in-law’s Tongue
This plant thrives in dry areas far from direct sunlight.
Zanzibar Gem
This plant is not heavily-reliant on water and sunlight.
Peace Lily
This plant can thrive in low-lit areas.
Famous for being a fire-retardant. They grow anywhere but if …


Top 15 Indoor Plants

Indoor plants can make your space more lively but they can also help you regulate humidity and keep the air clean. Here are 15 plants you should consider.
Long-Leaf Figs
A classic favorite among households.
Madonna or Peace Lily
Illuminate your space with this flowering plant.
Boston Fern
Lush and vibrant hanging plants thrive in bathrooms.
Banana Trees
Convert your home into a tropical paradise.
Zanzibar Gem
The most resilient plant on this list.
Devil’s Ivy
Easy to maintain but not recommended for pet owners.
Dumb Cane


How to Paint Like a Professional

Planning to DIY your home renovation? Here’s how you can paint like a pro.
Test your Paint first
Choose a spot first to test your paint. Sand and dust the area below eye level first so that the paint will stick and paint two coats so you get an idea of how it looks. If you’re mixing colors, paint it side by side with a few inches of space to help you see any differences.
Prep your wall
Fill any holes and cracks before giving the wall light sand to smoothen the area. Make sure to use a putty knife to press down any tape.
Follow the proper techniques
For smooth results, the paint should…


Top 10 Ceiling Fans

The underrated ceiling fan is the cheapest option to cool your home and decorate your space. Here are the 10 best ceiling fans you should check out.
Mercator 130cm City Dc Black Ceiling Fan
This fan has 6 settings to choose from. It has a very modern and sleek design.
Fanforce Hawk 48″ Anti-Rust Timber 4 Blades Ceiling Fan
The blades are made with marine-grade plywood. It’s the quietest fan from this list.
Mercator Cooya 52″ Tahitian Outdoor Ceiling Fan
This tropical-styled fan is made for the outdoors.
Haiku Smart Home Fan
This fan comes with a remote and 9 …


6 Budget-Friendly Home Decorating Ideas to Update Your Home

You’ll need to allocate every bit of your funds to the right places if you’re on a budget. Focusing on these 7 areas will bring the best to your home.
1. Cornices
As previously said before, the smallest of details will bring out the best in your space. Opt for a P50 Shadowline look.
2. Door handles
Simple designs are the best way to accentuate your area. Don’t go overboard with these.
3. Lighting
Place downlights along walls to create a subtle lighting effect in the room. Opt for wall lights to create a mood while adding character to space. You can also utilize floor and table lamps as …

Architecture and Design

The Art Show with A 1972-Bungalow in a Vineyard

Catalonia’s Terra Remota Vineyard has become famous not just for its wines, but also for being the go-to place for art exhibitions. This 130-acre vineyard has hosted one of the most ambitious art exhibits to date: a 1972 repurposed bungalow named Chalet Nova.
The Chalet Nova exhibit was designed by Clément Cividino in partnership with Mélissa Paul. It evokes an otherworldly feel because of its Lucite, steel, and aluminum exterior, providing a stark contrast to its surroundings. This is complemented with the curated ceramic exhibition found inside.
Chalet Nova’s original purpose was to be a holiday bungalow in France.  …

Architecture and Design

Disrupting and Revitalizing Miami’s Public Spaces with The Underline

When Meg Daly came across an unused space under the train track, she had a vision of revitalizing public spaces in the city. With the architecture firm Field Operations, The Underline was born.
The Underline is a 10-mile linear park that connects different neighborhoods in Miami. It’s an interactive space where you can exercise or attend public events. This is all to enrich Miami’s residents by promoting relationships in communities.
Each neighborhood that The Underline passes through will have a representative so they can address what their community needs. Because of setbacks from COVID-19,  Brickell will be the first …

Architecture and Design

The Helix – Amazon’s 2nd HQ in Virginia

Within the first quarter of 2020, Amazon announced the PenPlace project, the second HQ of Amazon to be built in Arlington, Virginia. Amazon wanted the building to foster a sustainable and healthy environment for its employees. The design-led by NBBJ is inspired by nature’s double-helix geometric form. The HQ will be composed of three office buildings –with The Helix at the center,  intertwined with gardens and green spaces.
PenPlace will be having an open public space, a forest grove, an amphitheater as well as space for retail stores and restaurants. It will also have a space dedicated to food trucks as well as daycare …