How to Paint Like a Professional

Planning to DIY your home renovation? Here’s how you can paint like a pro.

Test your Paint first

Choose a spot first to test your paint. Sand and dust the area below eye level first so that the paint will stick and paint two coats so you get an idea of how it looks. If you’re mixing colors, paint it side by side with a few inches of space to help you see any differences.

Prep your wall

Fill any holes and cracks before giving the wall light sand to smoothen the area. Make sure to use a putty knife to press down any tape.

Follow the proper techniques

For smooth results, the paint should be applied wet onto the roller. Make sure you paint by sections in W motions for coverage. To “lay off”, don’t overload the roller with paint and lightly roll it from top to bottom. Remove any tape while the paint is wet.

Don’t forget, choosing the right paint finish is an important factor.  Using proper materials and techniques will make your wall look like it was done by a professional.

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