Top 15 Indoor Plants

Indoor plants can make your space more lively but they can also help you regulate humidity and keep the air clean. Here are 15 plants you should consider.

Long-Leaf Figs

A classic favorite among households.

Madonna or Peace Lily

Illuminate your space with this flowering plant.

Boston Fern

Lush and vibrant hanging plants thrive in bathrooms.

Banana Trees

Convert your home into a tropical paradise.

Zanzibar Gem

The most resilient plant on this list.

Devil’s Ivy

Easy to maintain but not recommended for pet owners.

Dumb Cane

Brighten your home with this plant but keep it away from pets.

Fiddle Leaf Figs

This plant thrives when it’s basked in healthy doses of sunlight.

Lady Palm

Need regular watering and love sheltered spots.

Rubber Plant

Thrives in a brightly-lit area but needs to be repotted frequently.

Pin-striped Calathea

Place it in a bright area to enjoy its vibrancy.

Mother-in-law’s Tongue

Needs to be in a brightly-lit room away from the sun.

Prayer Plant

Keep it from direct sunlight but make sure it’s in a well-lit room.

Swiss Cheese Plant

Another plant that thrives in well-lit areas that aren’t directly hit by the sun.

Zebra Plant

Don’t forget to dust their leaves and mist them regularly!

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