Top 10 Ceiling Fans

The underrated ceiling fan is the cheapest option to cool your home and decorate your space. Here are the 10 best ceiling fans you should check out.

Mercator 130cm City Dc Black Ceiling Fan

This fan has 6 settings to choose from. It has a very modern and sleek design.

Fanforce Hawk 48″ Anti-Rust Timber 4 Blades Ceiling Fan

The blades are made with marine-grade plywood. It’s the quietest fan from this list.

Mercator Cooya 52″ Tahitian Outdoor Ceiling Fan

This tropical-styled fan is made for the outdoors.

Haiku Smart Home Fan

This fan comes with a remote and 9 different styles.

Java DC fan in natural timber 150cm

Powerful airflow technology with a reverse switch.

Brilliant Atrium 56″ 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Ceiling Fan

The most powerful but efficient fan on this list.

Tahitian 132cm 5-blade fan

Another great tropical-style fan to accentuate your space.

52” Fan Remote Control 8H Timer 3 Speeds 3 Wooden Blades

Turn it on or off with a built-in timer to save on energy.

Darwin 65” Modern DC Motor Ceiling Fan

Simple but efficient ceiling fan.

Miami 52” White Modern Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan that’s not too expensive but very relaxing to look at.

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