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The Art Show with A 1972-Bungalow in a Vineyard

Catalonia’s Terra Remota Vineyard has become famous not just for its wines, but also for being the go-to place for art exhibitions. This 130-acre vineyard has hosted one of the most ambitious art exhibits to date: a 1972 repurposed bungalow named Chalet Nova.

The Chalet Nova exhibit was designed by Clément Cividino in partnership with Mélissa Paul. It evokes an otherworldly feel because of its Lucite, steel, and aluminum exterior, providing a stark contrast to its surroundings. This is complemented with the curated ceramic exhibition found inside.

Chalet Nova’s original purpose was to be a holiday bungalow in France.  Clément Cividino had tracked down this mini bungalow from a postcard he saw. He often finds these exquisite structures in photos, archival documents, and even in old magazines.

The Chalet Nova was opened during the 2nd week of January. Currently, they only allow six visitors per entry and it has to be pre-booked as well. The exhibition will be open until spring. Afterward, the chalet will be moved to Paris for the FIAC week.

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