Modify Your Courtyard with These 6 Tips

The courtyard can be your personal haven. Revamping this area will surely lift your spirits up.

Here are 6 tips for revamping your courtyard.

Pick a color palette

Focusing on a color palette is the most important step in renovating your courtyard. Everything will fall into place once you’ve decided which colors you will stick to.

Stick to a theme

Now that you sorted out the colors, it’s time to work on your theme. Choose pots and sculptures that have a coherent style.

Add a water feature

Your courtyard doesn’t need to have grandiose fountains. A simple water feature will create a zen atmosphere you will love to relax to.

Utilize your brick walls

Hide them using decor or climbing plants for a beautiful backdrop. You can also enhance brick walls for an industrial vibe.

Attach deck floors

Use timber to bring warmth to your courtyard’s atmosphere.

Bring it to life with plants

Flowering plants and fruit-bearing trees will attract different birds and insects. They’ll also help you pollinate your courtyard!

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