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Disrupting and Revitalizing Miami’s Public Spaces with The Underline

When Meg Daly came across an unused space under the train track, she had a vision of revitalizing public spaces in the city. With the architecture firm Field Operations, The Underline was born.

The Underline is a 10-mile linear park that connects different neighborhoods in Miami. It’s an interactive space where you can exercise or attend public events. This is all to enrich Miami’s residents by promoting relationships in communities.

Each neighborhood that The Underline passes through will have a representative so they can address what their community needs. Because of setbacks from COVID-19,  Brickell will be the first to open within the next few months.

At the park, there will not be any irrigation system for the Florida-native plants. Instead, the ground will be permeable. So during the rainy season, the water will be directed to the planting beds.

The Underline aims to promote sustainability in the neighborhood. It also aims to catalyze environmental consciousness so people can enjoy nature and be more mindful of their impact on the planet.

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