6 Budget-Friendly Home Decorating Ideas to Update Your Home

You’ll need to allocate every bit of your funds to the right places if you’re on a budget. Focusing on these 7 areas will bring the best to your home.

1. Cornices

As previously said before, the smallest of details will bring out the best in your space. Opt for a P50 Shadowline look.

2. Door handles

Simple designs are the best way to accentuate your area. Don’t go overboard with these.

3. Lighting

Place downlights along walls to create a subtle lighting effect in the room. Opt for wall lights to create a mood while adding character to space. You can also utilize floor and table lamps as well.

4. Flooring

Polished concrete is a bit expensive but it’s very versatile. Concrete veneers are a good cheaper alternative. Large-format tiles are great options too.

5. Fans

Depending on the fan, these not only keep you cool but also provide character to your ceiling.

6. Exterior

Keep your home’s exterior safe from damage by investing in good materials. Hardie Deck, Timber, Modwood, and Ekodeck are good choices.

The smallest details are often overlooked; these should help you update your space.

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Brad Hamilton

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