How COVID-19 Affected Our Perspectives About Home

COVID-19’s disruption has changed our priorities. As people become more conscious of their impact on their environment and their health, the shift in how we view our homes has also changed.  Here are 4 things that have pivoted within a year.

Prioritizing healthy communities

One of the first things we learn on lockdown is how much we crave and rely on our relationship with our neighbors. It creates a deep sense of community and it can help everyone feel seen and valued.

Allocating green spaces

With limited access to the outside world, people are starting to see the things they take for granted. Communities are looking for parks and green spaces to enjoy with their friends. There’s also a sale increase for plants and backyard tools.

Maximizing the layout

With the homes becoming a school and office place, the practicality of home spaces has become a priority. It needs to have enough space and good lighting to cater to our new needs.

Buying instead of renting

Despite the rise in unemployment, 1 out of 5 people is still planning to buy a home in the future.

People want the space and greenery but also need the convenience and services of urban cities. As we move forward, balancing these two will be explored.

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Brad Hamilton

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