Mice in the ceiling – what steps should you take?

Having mice in your home can be a nightmare. So, you should never ignore the scratching and scampering noises that you hear from above. It takes only a tiny space for mice to get into the main area of your property, from the ceiling space. Once there, they can cause a considerable amount of damage. If you think that there are mice in your home, you can seek help from a professional pest control service. The experts can deal with the situation for you. It’s also possible to take action … [Read more...]

What is that noise in your roof space?

If you are lying in bed, and you hear a noise from the roof space above your head, there is a good chance that you are not really going to want to investigate the source. The good news is that the vague sound of scratching is not likely to be a dangerous intruder like the one you just saw on America's Most Wanted. The bad news is that the noise is likely to be the result of an unwanted non-human intrusion. Pests like rats often scratch around, once they have gotten into your home. You may … [Read more...]

Simple Tips to Include Flowers in Your Home Decor

Flowers bring the beauty of nature into your home and incorporating flowers in your home décor helps you to express your creativity. Arranging flowers and including them in your home décor livens up uninspiring and dreary space. Here are a few tips you can follow to decorate your home with flowers: Color coordinate A simple way to get that “stylist” touch is by coordinating your flower arrangements with your interior décor scheme. While buying fresh flowers or picking them from your … [Read more...]


When it comes to deciding between decking or paving the popular choice is usually the latter. The reasoning behind this is simply that people think paving is easier when it comes to laying and most importantly the maintenance. This is not necessarily true however. Decking opens you up to a world of choices and helps you to create a soft and sympathetic environment. Decking is a feature that many people avoid when it comes to designing their gardens. Little do people realise that when choosing … [Read more...]

Winter Care Tips for Your Artificial Lawn

Unfortunately, the long, warm days of summer are quickly fading and we're packing up all our furniture and BBQ equipment. As we do so, we can already feel how cold and crisp our artificial grass feels under our feet. This doesn't mean you should worry about its ability to deal with the winter though. Its synthetic fibres and composition means things like frostbite and downpours won't cause it to freeze to death or grow patchy. Unlike real grass, an artificial lawn from Grono won’t get … [Read more...]

DIY Turfing! How to Do It The Right Way


So you’ve wanted to know about turf but have always been too scared to ask? DIY turfing is actually easier than you think! With the right advice and preparation, you can have a great patch of grass in no time. Interested in more? Read on. (courtesy of Robert Lang) Choosing The Right Turf Without a doubt, choosing the right turf is one of the most important factors when completing any turfing job. The right turf will depend on a range of considerations, such as how it will be used (a … [Read more...]

More Than Just Storage: 5 Creative Ways to Use a Shed

Oh the good old garden shed. Us Brits love nothing more than venturing out into the garden and tending to the flowers or fixing something from the serenity of the wooden shack in the corner. They have this reputation for being where men go to do their secret DIY projects, but they serve far more benefits than just being a sanctuary where they can get away from the daytime television and screaming children at the weekend. Many believe that it’s just a place they go to listen to the football on … [Read more...]

Seven Garden Ideas For Your Home

Seven Garden Ideas For Your Home

Whether you're looking for a effective way to increase the curb appeal of your home or to simply enhance your own enjoyment of your outdoor living space, there are several ways to incorporate unique garden designs into your yard and garden area. Start by reviewing house building plans that incorporate outdoor living as part of the overall structure - this can be true even if you live in an urban apartment and only have a patio or balcony to use for the purpose of growing plants. Many home … [Read more...]

Giving Your Garden a Brighter Outlook

There are a great number of reasons why you need to make sure that your garden remains your focus in 2014. To make your garden a place you want to spend more of your time, you need to consider not only how it is decorated, but also how it is lit. There are a great number of pages available on the internet that tell you how to decorate and maintain your garden, but there are very few that are specifically targeted at telling you how to light your garden to maximise the effect of all this creative … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Why Landscaping Your Garden Should Be Your Main Priority

Over the Christmas period, we all start to neglect our gardens. However, by doing this, we actually jeopardise much of the hard work that we have put in over the summer months and, as a direct result, it can feel as though we are back at square one. To counteract all this, you should put some serious thought into landscaping your garden. There are a number of reasons why this is a viable option, here are just three of the best reasons why you should make landscaping your garden your … [Read more...]

The Bone and Biscuit To The Rescue


Yesterday was an interesting day in these parts. After snow and temperatures around the freezing mark the prior day, yesterday turned very cold with a biting wind. My oldest daughter and I had planned to drop Sandy off at the groomers (The Bone and Biscuit in Ajax), take in a movie and then pick up Sandy with her newly coiffed look. And that is what we did; albeit we were running just a tad late. Sandy Needs A Haircut So we arrived at the Bone and Biscuit in Ajax a few minutes late. … [Read more...]

Scotts EZ Seed Refund

Scotts EZ Seed vs Canada Green Velocity Patch Plus

Back in early July I wrote our last article comparing Scotts EZ Seed with Canada Green All-In-One lawn repair kits. As indicate and shown with pictures in that article I compared these two lawn repair products for lawns in two areas. One area was against our east wall which received very little direct sun light. The second area was in our south facing back yard which receives quite a bit of direct sun light. In the end, after numerous weeks, I recommended neither product for a … [Read more...]

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