Cheap Home Heating Bill Savings & Conservation Tips – 3

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Yesterday, in Part 2, we continued to review the many money saving tips on your home’s heating bill this winter which will cost you just a little to do. Yes, these are both money savings and energy conservation tips all in one.

Today we continue where we left off in our review of the money saving, energy conservation, suggestions to reduce your home’s heating bills which will cost you a little but can save you a lot year after year after year.

Number 300, Wall Light Switch Insulating Seals. While many folks think of insulating electrical outlets on exterior walls in the home (Number 299 from yesterday), frequently they forget to do the same to the light switches on the same walls. Both of these can have the same amount of air leakage; both of these can be sealed cheaply and easily. Don’t you forget to seal out air leaks in these common areas of a home.

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Number 301, Area Rug on Cold Floor. Especially on unfinished poured concrete basement floors, consider placing area rugs, or broadloom remnants on top. While the ground beneath the basement floor is not frozen, it is still cold which causes your bare basement floor to be cold. A cold concrete floor in turn will help to cool the air next to it. So, if you place cheap rugs on unfinished basement floors, it will help to reduce the cooling effect on the air, which in turn will cause your home’s heating system to run less and save you money.

Number 302,  Insulate Cold Cellar Door Frame. It is not just door sweeps and weather stripping on cold cellar door frames which help block out cold air from entering the home. Also check to see if the door frame itself is sufficiently insulated. If not, consider using insulating foam as we did to keep the cold air of the cold cellar out.

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Number 303, Dryer Vent Seal. Don’t forget to check the caulking around dryer vents. They are just as likely to be the cause of air leaks into your home as is damaged or bad caulking around the area where water pipes enter your home (see below) or around windows and doors. If the caulking is cracked around dryer vents on your outside wall, replace it with new exterior caulking.

Number 304, Weather Strip Dormant Fireplace. Fireplace dampers which do not completely close will let heated air inside the house literally go up the chimney. So, if you have a fireplace in your home that you do not use, and the damper when closed is not sealing in the warm air, then use something to fill in the gaps between the damper and the sides of the damper opening; weather stripping, strippable caulking, what ever makes sense to you. Just remember, that if before you ever do use that fireplace to remove this material.

Number 305,  Ensure Storm / Screen Doors Work. If you have storm doors or screen doors and they don’t help keep out the cold air in the winter because they are broken in some way, then fix them or get someone to fix them. Its that simple.

Number 306, Caulking (window / exterior door frame). Caulking does not last forever, especially caulking used outside the house. Check it annually and if you start to see cracks in the caulking around your windows and doors, remove the ineffective caulking and replace it with fresh caulking. It will save you a lot of money by preventing cold winter air from entering your home to cause your furnace to run more than it needs to.

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Number 307, Seal Pipes & Electrical Gaps on Outside Walls. After only a few years, caulking around pipes on the outside of the house can start to shrink, leaving gaps through with cold air can enter the home. It is always a good idea to check these annually, and if need be to purchase a tube of exterior caulking (costs only around $6 to $9) to seal that air leak.

dap 093 Cheap Home Heating Bill Savings & Conservation Tips   3

Number 308Install Plastic Wrap Window Kit Inside Windows, and Number 309, Wrap Plastic on Window Over Frame. These are pretty easy to install, do not cost too much and can help keep it feeling warmer inside the house. Some people like to install these inside the window frames while others prefer to install on the outside of the window frame to prevent more air leaks. Either way, they are a good heating conservation tactic.

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Tomorrow, we complete our review of cheap home heating conservation ideas which you can use.

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