Using BlueLine Innovations’ PowerCost Monitor To Measure Our Home’s Electricity Consumption – 2

Electromechanical Electric Meter

Yesterday we introduced you to the PowerCost Monitor™, a device which provides a homeowner with real time data, in both Kilowatts and in dollars & cents, on the electricity being consumed in their home. With this information, a homeowner can monitor action taken to reduce the amount of electricity consumed in the home and same them money. Today, we look at the installation. Here is the type of electric meter we have on the outside of our home. This energy conservation … [Read more...]

Wireless Ceiling Light Wall Switch – Part 4

switch with toggle

Yesterday we ended Part 3 in this series on what caused us several hours of wasted time to install this wonderful product from the Leviton Manufacturing Company, Inc. There is a very, very small toggle switch at the base of the base wall switch that is used to prevent the ceiling light from being turned on. Can you find it in the picture below? Look beneath the OFF button. This tiny toggle switch is at the bottom of the white plastic switch plate currently in the off position. The … [Read more...]

Wireless Ceiling Light Wall Switch – Part 3


In Part 2 of this series, we ended by stating that what should have taken at the most 1 hour to install this wonderful product providing tremendous flexibility took 5 hours due to a combination of coincidences. To install  the wall switch that was to replace the existing wall switch and be connected to the existing wires called for turning off the power (never, ever, forget to turn off the power to the line from the source breaker in the electrical breaker panel!) and then removing the … [Read more...]

Wireless Ceiling Light Wall Switch – Part 2

unopened package

In our previous article in this series we described the dilemma in our laundry room whereby we had only one wall switch, located by the door to the main hallway, for the ceiling light. We wanted a second wall switch to be installed by the door on the other end of the laundry room leading to the garage. And, with our renovation costs exceeding our budget we did not have the funds for an electrician to come in and do her / his handiwork. Nor did we have the patience for breaking and repairing … [Read more...]

Wireless Ceiling Light Wall Switch – Part 1

door to garage without switch

We have posted articles about our laundry room previously. Here's another series of articles related to the laundry room, but it could be any room in the house. The laundry room is situated with the door to the garage at one end and the door to the main hall at the other. There is a ceiling light. The switch to turn the ceiling light on and off is at the door to the main hall. There is no wall switch for the ceiling light by the door to the garage: The result is a laundry room in total … [Read more...]

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