Home Water Savings Tip #464 – Inside – Know How Much Water Indoor Plant Needs

Editor’s Note: To view all the 530+ different energy and water conservation tips for the home, simply access our Free Energy and Water Savings Guide, 3rd Edition +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Number 464, Know How Much Water Your Indoor Plants Need. Not only will you waste money by over watering indoor plants, but you will also run the risk of causing damage to them. You wouldn't water a cactus plant every day would you? Well, each plant has its own unique watering … [Read more...]

Lawn and Garden Watering Needs – Summer vs Fall

People are creatures of habit. If they are used to watching a certain TV show at a specific day and time, and then the show's broadcast changes, many will stop watching it. Or, if they are taught from a young age to always turn the light out when leaving a room likely this habit will continue into their adult years. Well, what are the sure signs that summer is ending and the autumn season he fast approaching? Baseball pennant races, sure. Leaves on trees changing colour? Perhaps, … [Read more...]

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