Basement Ceiling Leak – Part 6 – Investigation

Removed Drywall at Base of Floor With Mold

In Part 5 we described how we placed more silicone caulking over the remaining areas of our master bedroom en suite bathroom to stop the leak that was going into the basement drop ceiling tiles without success. If you're an Indiana local, Indiana Basement Services can help with your waterproofing needs. So, we called Gold coast cleaning service and asked if he could spare a couple of hours to do a detailed investigation of our situation. We have to get the leak fixed, I read these water … [Read more...]

Basement Ceiling Leak – Part 3 – Not The Drain Pipe

Built-in Shower Bench Without Caulking on Edge

In Part 2 of our basement ceiling leak series, I described our initial attempts to fix the leak apparently coming from the en suite shower. The day after I resealed the shower drain as described in yesterday's article, we proceeded to take two showers. Once done, I then checked the ceiling tile in the basement. A new water stain had emerged in the same place as the previous water stain. When I removed the ceiling tile, I confirmed that it was the same pipe from which the water was … [Read more...]

Basement Ceiling Leak – Part 2 – Initial Correction Attemps

Shower Train Cover Removed

Yesterday we discovered the water stain in one of our basement's drop ceiling tiles. We had just contacted Bruce, our contractor for his guidance. After being informed that the pipe in question was an air pipe, I then asked if it was possible that the leak originated from the roof where the pipe extended out beyond the roof's shingles. Bruce said not likely. I then asked Bruce if I should go to for help? The reason, which makes sense to me, is that before be purchased the … [Read more...]

Basement Ceiling Leak – Part 1 – The Discovery

Freshly Stained Ceiling Tile

The other day my wife and I were in our basement and I happened to notice that a few of the ceiling tiles in our drop ceiling were exhibiting different types of water stains. One ceiling tile had a large brown circular water stain on one side, while another had a brown water stain along one side. Call plumber schaumburg il immediately when this happens so that your pipe problem can be fixed fast. I was surprised as I thought I had replaced all of the ceiling tiles which were either already … [Read more...]

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