Sealing Air Leaks Outside The House – 2

Electrical Cabling Air Leaks

Yesterday we way how old caulking can shrink and stop preventing air leaks around water pipes entering the home to cost you higher home heating costs in the winter and higher air conditioner costs in the summer. Today we start to look at the west wall of our home to see if we can locate any air leaks which we can seal for our house and which you can add to your collection of home maintenance tips and energy conservation tips to use for your own home. First we find one around what I believe … [Read more...]

Sealing Air Leaks Outside The House – 1

Water Pipe Air Leakage

As we continue to prepare our home for the coming winter with a mind to reduce our heating costs and save money, we were very, very surprised how many opportunities for air leakage reduction we found. We hope that our experiences will encourage you to look around the outside of your own home and seal them before it gets any colder. Finding and sealing air leaks on the outside of your home with some good caulking will save you money by reduced heating expenses in the winter as well as … [Read more...]

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