Bathroom Floor Tiling Project – Custom Bathtub Tiled Skirt

Measuring and Marking Flange Cut in Tile

In yesterday's article we wrote and showed in the pictures how Bennett temporarily placed some of the floor tiles from the walls near the toilet flange in the ground. The purpose of this was to sketch with a pencil the round cut that he would need to make into the floor tiles from SnapStone which would be placed on either side of the flange. Below is another picture of Bennett in action, if you will, with this task. So, here we are with the floor ready for tiling; well … [Read more...]

Basement Ceiling Leak – Part 22 – Tile Color Coordination

Complementary Shower Stall Floor Tile

In Part 21 we saw the approach used by Bennett to repair the gaps between the shower floor tile and the shower taps from our initial home renovation / remodeling activities. Today, I'd like to write about colour / color coordination between the shower tiles and the shower's color / colour theme. So, here is a picture of the shower stall after the initial remodeling effort. Sure, our en suite shower has a brown color / colour theme. Notice that the shower floor tile matches closely to … [Read more...]

Basement Ceiling Leak – Part 21 – Shower Tap Tile Repair

Initial Shower Taps Intallation

In Part 20, Bennett had finished grouting the floor tile and installed the wall tile within the new shower floor to repair the leak from the initial home renovation project. He returned the next day to complete the shower repair. First he applied the grout to the ceiling tiles he replaced along the lower shower walls. Next he repaired the installation of the shower water taps. How? Well, below is a picture of the taps on the wall from the initial shower renovation. Look closely … [Read more...]

Basement Ceiling Leak – Part 19 – Wall Tile and Grout

Grouted Shower Tile

We showed in Part 18 how the 4 inch by 4 inch floor tiles were layed on the floor of the en suite shower as part of our home renovation repair. Below is a picture of the new shower floor before the grout. So, the next step is to put the grout amongst the floor tile the day after the tile was layed.  Notice how the grout (per the picture below) is a darker shade than the grout on the existing wall tiles yet is a nice complement to both the floor and wall … [Read more...]

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