South Bend Resturants


Today's article focuses on some of the restaurants we have experienced during our two visits to South Bend and the Notre Dame campus. To read about our other articles, including many pictures and video clips, focusing on the University of Notre Dame campus, the Marching Band and Bagpipe Band, etc. please visit the Notre Dame page of this web site. Let's face it. Part of any vacation is the dining experience. The same goes for a guy's football or golfing weekend. Last year we were a … [Read more...]

Notre Dame Fighting Irish Pre-Game Warm Ups

Irish Pre-Game Warm Ups

The past several days we have written about the Notre Dame Marching Band concert at the steps of Bond Hall, about their entrance and music played inside Notre Dame Stadium prior to the Fighting Irish home football game, and about the Notre Dame Bagpipe Band playing at the foot of the Main Administration building (the one with the Golden Dome of Our Lady) all during home game day activities. In these articles there were a few pictures as well as numerous video clips. Today I thought I would … [Read more...]

University of Notre Dame Marching Band Performing Inside Notre Dame Stadium

Notre Dame Marching and Alumni Bands in Notre Dame Stadium

Following my recent visit to the campus of the University of Notre Dame to experience a football weekend of the Fighting Irish, I wrote two articles with lots of pictures and video clips on both the Notre Dame Bagpipe Band playing in front of the Main Administration (Golden Dome) building and the Notre Dame Marching Band playing on the steps of Bond Hall, both on the University campus. This article focuses on the University of Notre Dame Marching Band performing inside Notre Dame Stadium in … [Read more...]

Delta Pilar Kitchen Faucet Review – Continued

Pilar Faucet 02

Yesterday we reviewed the new Pilar kitchen faucet from Delta, the one with the one touch, or more precisely Touch2O, technology allowing you to simply touch the faucet to turn it on and off. Today we continue our review. Now, both Harvey and I were not in a position, for a variety of reasons, to install the Pilar faucet in his kitchen. So, Harvey had Mike to do the installation. According to Mike, the install took between 90 minutes and 2 hours, pretty typical (at least for me) … [Read more...]

University of Notre Dame Football Fridays

Ara Parseghian Statue

We have been writing (and sharing some of the pictures and videos we have taken) all week about our experiences in and around the campus of the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. Today we quickly (because it has been a very long day already and tomorrow is game day ... another long day) write about our activities on the Friday on campus before the football game vs Boston College. It rained very heard during the night and rain was forecasted for most of the day. However, we were … [Read more...]

First Impressions of University of Notre Dame Campus

Golden Dome

Well we have just finished our road trip to our hotel in Mishawaka, Indiana. It took just under 8 hours but with the catching up that Harvey and I did the drive did not seem to take that long at all. Here is a slide show with selected pictures of our travel. We went from Toronto to Sarnia and then across through Michigan, down to Indiana and then across to Mishawaka. Once we checked in around 5 pm or so, we headed to the University of Notre Dame campus for a very, very quick walkabout … [Read more...]

Fall Garden Cleanup – 2

After Clean Up 016

Yesterday we showed you pictures of the garden beside our front door before and after our front garden cleanup, as well as the pictures of our front garden prior to the cleanup this fall. In case you missed the sorry state of our front garden, here is a short video clip where you can see the overgrown Hostas, the wildness of the two small trees at the front of both the left and right sides of our front garden and especially some of the Pyramidal Yews which have almost lost their attractive … [Read more...]

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