How To Install Oversized Floor Tiles

Old Light Floor Tile Against Dark Hardwood Flooring

A few days ago we provided a summary of the many articles we wrote about preparing both a previously tiled floor as well as one covered with linoleum for new oversized floor tiles. Today, we provide you with the listing of the articles, with many pictures, we wrote about the installation of oversized 24 inch by 24 inch floor tiles upon completing the many steps involved with first preparing both floors. As a reminder,our floor tiling project began with 23 year old tiled flooring in our … [Read more...]

Drop Ceiling Vent Cover Installation – Part 1 – What Were They Thinking?

Drop Ceiling Vent Cover

Summer time is here and with it hot temperatures and humid air. Even with our turbine vents on the roof helping to get rid of the rising hot air in the house and our exterior solar blinds helping to reduce the direct sun light from overheating our home, we still need to use the air conditioner. One of our daughters lives in our basement. Her bedroom had the requisite vent in the drop ceiling. This of course is a good thing in the winter for hot air from the furnace. But, in the summer the … [Read more...]

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