Solar Pest Repeller, The Garden and Rabbits

Baby Rabbit

Earlier this summer we wrote about the solar charged pest repeller we were trying to eradicate the moles digging up our lawn in our back yard. We also subsequently write an article wondering if this would also work to discourage rabbits from eating the vegetables in our back yard vegetable garden. Well, the results are now in. And, since we have received more than one inquiry on how we were progressing with is, we thought we would give you a status update on the results. If you recall, we … [Read more...]

Solar Pest Repeller and The Vegetable Garden

Backyard Vegetable Garden

A short time ago we wrote two articles on our use of a solar charged device to repel the moles who were causing significant damage to our back yard's lawn. Well, after two weeks, so far so good, but I do have to mention that I used the Austin pest control services ( a few days before the installation. Our family dog, Sandy who eats only from the zignature dog food reviews, is not bothered at all by the device which generates every 10 seconds or so a … [Read more...]

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