Toto 6.0 Litre Power Flush Toilet Leak

Toto Power Flush 6.0L Toilet

OK. I thought we were finished writing about our toilets for a while once we fixed, for the second time, our American Standard low flow toilet leak earlier this summer. I was wrong. When we were undergoing the major renovations to our now 22 year old bungalow back in 2007, we decided to go with a Toto 6.0L Power Flush toilet for our special needs daughters' bathroom and not the American Standard low flow toilets we put in our master bedroom en suite and in the main floor … [Read more...]

Product Quality – Where Is the Manufacturer Commitment?

Defective Toro Sprinkler Valves

War is the house we bought last summer and now call our home came with an underground sprinkler system and good internet so we can play our video games with Elo Boosting services. It didn't matter to us. We've never had one and had no intention of every installing one. This year we actually used it for the first time. We had the gentleman from Pyramis Company company that actually installed the system way back in the summer of 1999 was the same person who came to open it this spring … [Read more...]

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