Drywall Repair – Drywall Damage From Towel Rack

Repositioned Towel Rack

I have written previously about the right way to install towel racks; that being with at least one side anchored into the vertical wood stud behind the drywall. Too often even professional contractors install them using drywall anchor plugs on both sides. When that occurs, sooner or later, one side or the other of the towel rack will start to become loose from the wall and eventually cause damage. That was the situation we had in one of our daughter's bathrooms. This is a simple but … [Read more...]

Moen Faucet Hot Water Leak

Moen Laundry Faucet Handle Covers

Yesterday, I wrote about my experiences at our local Home Depot and the no cost solution provided by the sales associate to me for our Moen laundry faucet hot water leak, that being to replace the cartridge which resides within the hot water handle with a new cartridge (provided to me at no cost) rather than removing the entire faucet and replacing it with another one. The dripping hot water from the faucet is not helping my energy savings efforts; it must be stopped. Using the … [Read more...]

Caulking Tubes – Is There A Difference?

Large Caulking Tube Tip

What a silly question. Or is it? ;) As mentioned yesterday I am about to embark on several home maintenance tasks involving caulking. Some to provide that missing finishing touch. Others related to preparing the home for the winter to come and conserve energy consumed when heating the home. In either case, I am going to need a lot of caulking. I also mentioned that I am likely the world's worst when it comes to applying caulking. I find it a messy task and I am not good at it. One … [Read more...]

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