Home Water Savings Tip #468 – Inside – Use Bath Towels Multiple Times Before Washing

Editor’s Note: To view all the 530+ different energy and water conservation tips for the home, simply access our Free Energy and Water Savings Guide, 3rd Edition +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Number 468, Use Bath Towels Multiple Times Before Washing. There is, typically, no need to wash bath towels after every single bath or shower. Simply hang them up to dry properly and you can use them again. Heck, if you hang them properly on towel racks (not on the floor!) … [Read more...]

Drywall Repair – Drywall Damage From Towel Rack

Repositioned Towel Rack

I have written previously about the right way to install towel racks; that being with at least one side anchored into the vertical wood stud behind the drywall. Too often even professional contractors install them using drywall anchor plugs on both sides. When that occurs, sooner or later, one side or the other of the towel rack will start to become loose from the wall and eventually cause damage. That was the situation we had in one of our daughter's bathrooms. This is a simple but … [Read more...]

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