Start At The Beginning – The Tours

Usually when we (our family) go to a new city on vacation we take the city tour; not always, but usually. I know it sounds to touristy, but its good to get, as Sean Astin said in the movie Rudy, "...a lay of the land." ;) when one is new in an area. In searching on the Internet I came across this site: It is a page on the University of Notre Dame Alumni Association page. Tours are offered by both the Eck … [Read more...]

Notre Dame

Go Irish

I have been a diehard fan of the University of Notre Dame for all of my 50+ years on this planet. Like many Fightin' Irish fans, I had previously only seen the campus on television during the home football games in the fall. I never had the chance to see the GO IRISH painted sign on one of the walls within the Joyce Center. Pictures, like the one below the live WebCam of the Golden Dome on top of the Main Administration building (on the right) with the Basilica on the left, were only … [Read more...]

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