Automatic Bathtub Stoppers Not My Friend – 2

Rubber Bath Tub Drain Stopper

Yesterday I wrote in Part 1 the issue we had with our so called automatic or built-in bathtub stopper. It stopped raising out of the drain. The result is that the bath water no longer went down the drain once the bath was done. One option my wife proposed in my absence was to use a knife to pry the metal stopper out of the drain each time a bath was taken. I had visions of scratches caused by the knife on both the metal stopper as well as the bath tub near the drain. As we know bath … [Read more...]

Automatic Bathtub Stoppers Not My Friend – 1

Bath Tub Integrated Stopper

In renovating one of the bathrooms in our home, it was recommended to us that we install an automatic stopper in the tub. A bad decision and did not purchase one of the simpler ones that simply when up and down when you pushed them. Why we purchased the kind of bathtub drain stopper which went up and down depending upon one turning that large circular metal device seen in the picture below. How this one works is similar to a standard sink stopper yet the mechanism is hidden in … [Read more...]

Home Energy Conservation – Additional Home Cooling Savings Tips

DreamScreen Retractable Screens Installed

Editor's Note: To view the 240+ different energy conservation tips for the home we have collected, simply access our Un-Official Guide To Home Energy Conservation. Yesterday we wrote about ideas on specific to how you can reduce your air conditioning costs to keep your home cool in the hot summer months at no or low cost to you. Today we finish looking at the different ways that one can use to reduce the need for the air conditioner to run as often in the summer to keep our homes … [Read more...]

Home Energy Conservation – No and Low Cost Cooling Savings Tips

Shade Tree

Editor's Note: To view the 240+ different energy conservation tips for the home we have collected, simply access our Un-Official Guide To Home Energy Conservation. Additionally, this and the energy conservation articles the next few days were written prior to our recent home energy and water energy conservation contest. In the next few weeks, we will be consolidating the new conservation suggestions we received and will be publishing both our expanced Un-Official Guide to Home Energy … [Read more...]

Automatic Faucet For The Home – 2

Automatic Faucet Under Sink Installation

Yesterday we wrote about how using an automatic faucet in a home's bathroom can be a very useful device, as it has been for us, for a physically challenged person. Today we write about one incident which occurred to us when I was away. It stopped working.       Below is a picture of  underneath the sink in which the automatic faucet was installed. Notice the grey-ish rectangular box?       If you recall from yesterday's article, there … [Read more...]

Automatic Faucet For The Home – 1

Moen Automatic Faucet

Six degrees of separation; yes, it is funny sometimes how people become acquainted. A recent reader of our articles goes by the handle, John Judge. John introduced himself to me through a few postings I had made on a Notre Dame fan web site. John indicated he liked our site but wished that we had more articles on assisted living in the home which would be useful to many as our population ages. John, this one's for you. Our oldest daughter is a special needs person. To help … [Read more...]

Painting Door Frame of Replacement Front Door, Conclusion

Tapes Door Molding

Yesterday we started to write about painting the un-primed door frame for our replacement front door. As mentioned, painting a door frame is not hard. It just needs patience. Do not attempt when you are in a hurry ... unless you are OK with getting paint on the wall from a few wayward brush strokes. :-) Now, if there is one trick to applying the paint it would be not to apply too much at once. You see, the issue I have always had was leaving excessive paint on the painter's tape. In … [Read more...]

Painting Door Frame of Replacement Front Door

Unpainted Door Frame

During the spring and summer last year we wrote about our experiences with our replacement front door. Well, even though the replacement for the replacement front door was installed in late June, it was only until recently that we found the time to paint the door frame. Now, if you remember nothing else, remember this. When you order a new front door and frame, please make sure that the door frame comes at least primed. The first replacement door came with a pre-primed door frame. The … [Read more...]

Basement Drywall Ceiling Vent Cover – Part 3 – Solution ‘C’


Two days ago in Part 1 of this short series we explained the issue we had with the opening in the drywalled basement ceiling in the ‘boyfriend room' preventing us from having a conventional vent cover: both the vent opening in the drywall and the wood frame therein did not allow for a conventional ceiling vent cover to be held with screws in the ceiling, and the same wood frame and excess duct work metal, even after removal of some of the excess would not allow the interior frame of a … [Read more...]

Basement Drywall Ceiling Vent Cover – Part 2 – Solutions A and B


In Part 1 yesterday,  we reviewed our situation, where a standard ceiling vent cover would not fit within the vent hole in our drywalled ceiling. We did however come up with a three pronged solution.First, when I was at the Home Depot I came across cold air return covers in amongst the different vent covers. The difference is that a vent cover has the portion which is about an inch and a half, perhaps two inches deep, that goes into the vent opening to help hold it in place. A cold air return … [Read more...]

Basement Drywall Ceiling Vent Cover – Part 1 – The Issue

Vent Opening

I've mentioned in prior articles my strong dislike for using drywall as a basement ceiling cover in an home improvement activity. Imagine all of the work I would have had to undertaken to repair all of what would have been damaged drywall from both our en suite shower leak and our potty room toilet leak. The room containing the electrical panel, like most of the basement, was already finished when we purchased our home. However, like the finished 2-piece bathroom in the basement, the … [Read more...]

Winter View Of Our Forest

Deck After Snow Storm

Yesterday we wrote about the very different views of our front garden in the summer vs the winter will snow on our evergreen bushes. That article gave us the idea that it would be nice to share with you the beauty of nature in our back yard during winter, especially after a heavy snow fall. Recently we had a very heavy snow fall. Notice how everything looks bright and clean right after a snow fall? Here are a couple of pictures of the deck in our back yard off our kitchen and family … [Read more...]

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