Adding More Concrete Mixture To Level Floor

Adding Concrete Tile Laying Mixture

In the prior article within this tile installation home renovation project series, we discussed how a support beam caused part of the front hall floor to be a little unlevel and the impact it had on the newly laid floor tile. Today I thought I would show you where the additional flooring concrete mixture was added to level the floor. First, here is a picture of the area by the living room and basement stairway. That is quite a large amount of mixture added. What I tried to get in … [Read more...]

Removing Old Floor Tile

Plastic Sheets Preventing Dust From Tile Removal

In our previous article in this series on tiling our front hall and laundry room, we provided a description of the current state, with the 23 year old tile in the front hall and the linoleum flooring in the adjacent laundry room. Today, we describe the process used by the contractors to remove the old tile in the front hall. The first thing that they did was to have me turn off the central air system. This was done for the entire floor tile removal in order to prevent the fan in the … [Read more...]

Bathroom Floor Tiling Project – SnapStone Floor Tile Installation Starts

Checking Level of Bathroom Floor

So far in this series of articles we have examined various aspects of how we prepared the floor in our bathroom to receive the SnapStone porcelain floor tile. This included the cutting the floor boards and screwing them into place. This also included checking once again that the floor was still level after the floor boards had been placed and screwed into position, as can be seen in the picture below: At this point in our home renovation project we are ready to start to install the … [Read more...]

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