Home Water Savings Tip #457 – Inside – Install Automatic Faucet Sensors

Editor’s Note: To view all the 530+ different energy and water conservation tips for the home, simply access our Free Energy and Water Savings Guide, 3rd Edition +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Number 457, Install Automatic Faucet Sensors. We actually did this within our home. One of our family members has special needs. So, to make her life easier we installed an automatic sensor faucet so she would not have to manually turn the water on and off. From a water … [Read more...]

Warmly Yours Infinity Towel Warmer Product Review

Bathrom Wall

We were recently offered an opportunity to receive the plug-in model of the Infinity Towel Warmer from Warmly Yours at no cost to install, use and write a review. We frequently receive such offers, accepting some and declining others. If you want a brief & light review of this product which retails for around $349 before tax (for the plug-in model) simply Google "warmly yours infinity towel warmer review" and you will find them on the 1st results page after the listing for the … [Read more...]

Recent Walt Disney World Trip – Disney Dining Plan

GardenGrocer.com Bill

Last time we wrote about our experiences with the Disney World buses from having stayed inside Walt Disney World at one of their resort accommodations for the first time. Today we thought we would write about the Disney Dining Plan. This is another benefit of staying at one of the Walt Disney World resorts (we stayed for one week at Disney's Old Key West resort). You are able to purchase one of 4 different types of meal plans if you stay on site. You can read about them here at the … [Read more...]

Bathroom Floor Tiling Project – SnapStone Tiles Toilet Installation

SnapStone Floor Tile Around Toilet Flange

Yesterday we saw the progression of the SnapStone tiles on the bathroom floor, starting at the wall with the sink, because it is where we have the floor heating / cooling vent, and progressing to the other side of the wall. Today I wanted to show you the progression of the tile in the area by the toilet. If you recall, Bennett temporarily placed a few SnapStone tiles in place so he could mark the area of the toilet's flange on the porcelain floor tiles to indicate where he needed to cut … [Read more...]

Bathroom Floor Tiling Project – The Starting Point

Bathroom Carpet

Yesterday we started this new home maintenance project series about using SnapStone porcelain floor tiles in one of the bathrooms of our home. Today we look at the current situation for the bathroom flooring. This will provide the necessary context for you to understand what we needed to do and why we did what we did. First, as you can see in the picture below, the bathroom  has carpet flooring. This was a conscious decision that my wife and I made three years ago during the major … [Read more...]

Bathtub Faucet Repair

Bathub Spout

Plumbing. It is one of those words which makes me shiver in fear.  I'm not a certified professional plumber. Quite frankly I do not know a lot about basic plumbing as this experience will illustrate. I probably know less than the average person. Now, we had an issue in one of the main floor bathrooms in our home; the same one in which soon we will be undertaking the installation of porcelain flooring tile. In the above picture, you can see the spout coming out from the wall. You … [Read more...]

Toto 6.0 Litre Power Flush Toilet Leak

Toto Power Flush 6.0L Toilet

OK. I thought we were finished writing about our toilets for a while once we fixed, for the second time, our American Standard low flow toilet leak earlier this summer. I was wrong. When we were undergoing the major renovations to our now 22 year old bungalow back in 2007, we decided to go with a Toto 6.0L Power Flush toilet for our special needs daughters' bathroom and not the American Standard low flow toilets we put in our master bedroom en suite and in the main floor … [Read more...]

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