Home Solar Panel Electricity and MicroFIT

Earlier this week I wrote an article on Smart Meters and how old electromechanical electric meter was swapped out by our local utility for a new smart meter. A long time visitor to DailyHomeRenoTips.com, Vasile, left a couple of comments and then exchanged some emails with me 'off line' about my concerns on investing in solar panels to generate electricity. My personal subjective view is that yes, if every house has them we would be in much better shape environmentally. I think that's kind … [Read more...]

Home Energy Conservation Government Grants – ecoENERGY Revisited – 9

Energy Audit Report Page 2 Photovoltaic

Editor's Note: Over the holidays we are re-publishing selected articles related to our ecoENERGY energy conservation experiences. Some of the grant amounts may have changed. To access the more than 20 articles we have written on our energy conservation experiences through the ecoENERGY Residential Retrofit program, simply use this link to access our ecoENERGY Energy Conservation page. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The last of the energy savings tips included in our Energy … [Read more...]

Solar Air Heating – Product and Installation Summary

Solar Max 240 Cover Comes Off 1

Last fall, we wrote about our evaluation, purchase and installation of the CanSolair Solar Max 240 solar air heater. Solar air heaters are products which use the direct sun light to generate heat for the home, cottage or any type of building. As they generate heat, the only form of energy they consume is a minor amount of electricity to run the internal fan to take the cool air from inside the home, push it out to the solar air heater on the south facing wall or roof, cause it to  be … [Read more...]

Solar Air Heating – Summer Unit Coverage

Solar Max 240 Installed

Last fall we wrote about the purpose and the installation of our solar air collector / heater from Cansolair, the Solar Max 240. Here is the link to the first article in our solar air heating series. During our solar air, not water, heating articles last fall we were asked more than once what to do with the unit during the summer. Here you can see it installed on the right side of the south facing wall of our basement walkout. The question was regarding how one typically doesn't … [Read more...]

1. Energy Conservation Links – Grist 2. Temperature Forecast For Summer 2008

First, let's talk about Grist. Grist is a hard-edged web site on environmental consciousness, sustainable living and energy conservation. They take a hard edge ‘tell it like it is' approach which can be refreshing.There are a wide variety of topics on this site from agriculture, business, celebrity, food, legislation, politics and more. This site is not as home energy conservation focused as other energy conservation sites in our blog roll. However, the articles are well written and … [Read more...]

Energy Conservation Renovation Links – Tree Hugger

Tree Hugger is an eclectic site containing both energy conservation articles as well as discussion forums on energy conservation topics.Tree Hugger is massive per their web site: 10 ‘staffers', 40+ writers, 30 posts per day, 13,000 articles, 1.8 million unique visitors. Wow. There are various ‘How to Green' categories of articles on any and all topics of energy conservation including: Your Wardrobe Your Work Your furniture designs, with the help from edmonton furniture Your Sex … [Read more...]

Energy Conservation Renovation Links – Build It Solar

Our first review of an energy conservation site with great information for home renovation activities in our Blog Roll is about Build It Solar, a wonderful residential energy conservation site by Gary Reys, a retired airplane product development engineer from ‘Big Sky' country near Bozeman Montana.Build It Solar focuses on ‘renewable energy for do-it-yourselfers. There are many articles and case studies on implementing different solar energy plans, tools and the like in homes. This … [Read more...]

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