DAP Home Energy Conservation Contest – One Week Left

Quick and short note. The current fall energy conservation contest is almost over. It ends at 11:59 pm ET. Remember, there are three prizes of DAP energy savings packages, valued at approximately $90 per the people over at DAP, to be won, with each package containing the following: DAPtex® Plus Window & Door Foam Sealant DAP® Seal ‘N Peel® Removable Weatherstrip Caulk DAP® SIDE Winder® Advanced Polymer Siding & Window Sealant DAP® 3.0™ Advanced All-Purpose … [Read more...]

Sealing Air Leaks Outside The House – 3

Satellite Cable Air Leak

Yesterday we found and repaired air leaks around both the plastic encasement for the electrical cabling entering our home as well as what we think was either telephone or TV cabling. Today, two more air leaks are discovered. First, when we moved into this house two years ago we had a satellite dish installed for our television. Well, look at this. Less than two years since that time and we can see the caulking used for the satellite dish is not properly sealing the cabling. It has … [Read more...]

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