En Suite Shower Leak – Part 2

Rainforest Shower Head

In Part 1 we discovered a new water stain on one of the newly replaced ceiling tiles in the basement directly above our en suite shower. Today, we discover the cause and the fix. On Monday Bennett arrived and once examining the basement went to the shower and over the course of 20 minutes discovered the cause of the leak. He had me help him by holding a bucket over the ceiling shower head while he ran the shower with the face place off of the wall. We did this twice over the course of 5 … [Read more...]

Basement Ceiling Leak – Part 17 – Shower Floor Installation Continued

Additional Thin-Set

In Part 16 we saw how Bennett started to apply the Schluter shower floor system as part of the home renovation repair. We continue to day with the shower floor installation. So, what was next, after Bennett applied the water proof membrane to the floor, lower part of the shower interior walls and corners, the floor tiles, right? Nope. Remember, measure twice, cut once. So, once all of the above was in place Bennett check the slope of the shower floor. He was not quite satisfied that is … [Read more...]

Basement Ceiling Leak – Part 6 – Investigation

Removed Drywall at Base of Floor With Mold

In Part 5 we described how we placed more silicone caulking over the remaining areas of our master bedroom en suite bathroom to stop the leak that was going into the basement drop ceiling tiles without success. If you're an Indiana local, Indiana Basement Services can help with your waterproofing needs. So, we called Gold coast cleaning service and asked if he could spare a couple of hours to do a detailed investigation of our situation. We have to get the leak fixed, I read these water … [Read more...]

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