Basement Ceiling Leak – Part 22 – Tile Color Coordination

Complementary Shower Stall Floor Tile

In Part 21 we saw the approach used by Bennett to repair the gaps between the shower floor tile and the shower taps from our initial home renovation / remodeling activities. Today, I'd like to write about colour / color coordination between the shower tiles and the shower's color / colour theme. So, here is a picture of the shower stall after the initial remodeling effort. Sure, our en suite shower has a brown color / colour theme. Notice that the shower floor tile matches closely to … [Read more...]

Basement Ceiling Leak – Part 17 – Shower Floor Installation Continued

Additional Thin-Set

In Part 16 we saw how Bennett started to apply the Schluter shower floor system as part of the home renovation repair. We continue to day with the shower floor installation. So, what was next, after Bennett applied the water proof membrane to the floor, lower part of the shower interior walls and corners, the floor tiles, right? Nope. Remember, measure twice, cut once. So, once all of the above was in place Bennett check the slope of the shower floor. He was not quite satisfied that is … [Read more...]

Basement Ceiling Leak – Part 15 – Enter Schluter Systems and the Kerdi Drain


In Part 14, the new concrete floor for the en suite which was installed during last year's home renovation / makeover project had been poured and the 'oversized' hole for the floor drain had been created. Why? Well, Bennett is using a different type of floor drain, anti-leak product form Schluter Systems called the Schluter-Kerdi-Drain. I had never heard of it before. Bennett has used it to install more than 40 showers to date an swears by it. He has never had a single leak in any of those … [Read more...]

Basement Ceiling Leak – Part 14 – Commencing the New Shower Floor

Poured Concrete Shower Floor

In Part 13, Bennett and his son Alex had removed the last of the original shower stall's poured concrete flooring, the black plastic leak barrier,  and the floor had sufficiently dried over the weekend. Today we were ready for the new shower stall floor installation to begin within the still new en suite shower that was installas as part of last year's home renovation / makeover series of projects. If you recall, here was the condition of the exposed shower floor, with the cement board … [Read more...]

Basement Ceiling Leak – Part 10 – Remainder of Shower Floor Removal

Shower Stall Repair 021

In Part 9 we saw how Bennett used a small jack hammer (or more correctly called a Rotary Hammer Drill) as part of the repair of the home renovation project to install an en suite shower. Here is what the scene looked like once the broken up portion of the shower’s cement floor had been removed. So, it took about 2 and 1/2 to get to the above picture. Bennett returned the next day with a flat edge drill bit. The pointed drill bit was working but it was breaking up the concrete … [Read more...]

Basement Ceiling Leak – Part 7 – The Probable Cause and, Gulp, Action Plan

Ceiling Tile Water Stains

In Part 6 we wrote about Bennett's investigation into the water that had been causing those ugly brown water stains on our basement's drop ceiling tiles. After spending a fair amount of time (around 2 hours) he said "That's it.". What was the cause in Bennett's opinion? Well, it seemed that the wrong type of shower floor drain was used. You see, our original contractor who built the shower stall used cement floor board on top of the particle board on the floor of what would … [Read more...]

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