Money Saving Tip – Call Your Phone Provider

Satellite Receiver Switch Test

I know. Call your local phone provider to save money? Well, yes. Here is what happened to me recently. I was very tired of continually seeing adds on the television for this local phone company or that local phone company about their low, low, really low phone rates. How come mine had not gone down in several years? You see we actually have two separate phone lines in our home so our overly expensive phone bills were twice a problem. What prompted me to call our local phone … [Read more...]

Satellite Receiver Problems

Satellite Receiver Problems

Home electronics are so complex today; if one component starts to malfunction, is it that component or something else? In our family room we have a rear projection Hitachi Ultravision television connected to a satellite receiver, a Sony DVD player and a Panasonic audio receiver; quite an eclectic collection not unlike many households. On the Friday of Super Bowl weekend, our TV started to act funny. Specifically, every 10 seconds or so it would act as if was trying to restart itself and … [Read more...]

Using BlueLine Innovations’ PowerCost Monitor To Measure Our Home’s Electricity Consumption – 2

Electromechanical Electric Meter

Yesterday we introduced you to the PowerCost Monitor™, a device which provides a homeowner with real time data, in both Kilowatts and in dollars & cents, on the electricity being consumed in their home. With this information, a homeowner can monitor action taken to reduce the amount of electricity consumed in the home and same them money. Today, we look at the installation. Here is the type of electric meter we have on the outside of our home. This energy conservation … [Read more...]

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