Assembling the Rio H605 Bath Lift from Invacare

Invacare Rio Bath Lift H605 Installed in Bathtub

In our last article yesterday we reviewed different aspects of our new Rio Bath Lift, model number H605, from Invacare. It is a very new model. How new? Well, the unit's label indicates it was manufactured in May 2014. Yet the product label on the back indicates the manufactured month and year of April 2013 as shown in the picture below. Assembling the Rio H506 Bath Lift  Here is our experiences, with pictures, assembling the Rio Bath Lift in case it helps you in your efforts to … [Read more...]

Invacare Rio H605 Bath Lift Review

Invacare Rio Bath Lift H605 Battery Charging

Yesterday we introduced you to the Invacare Rio H605 Bath Lift, new on the home health care market. Rio H605 Bath Lift Specifications The list of specifications from the User Manual provided inside the shipping box are as follows: Depth - 26.8 inches Heights - 40.6 inches Seat Width - 14.6 inches without side flaps / 28.3 inches with side flaps Height of Backrest - 24.2 inches Total Weight - 20.9 pounds Initial Observations Using the Rio H605 Bath Lift When we used it for the … [Read more...]

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