Kitchen Remodeling – Part 6 – Installation Completed


Yesterday we left off that the kitchen cabinets, wiring, plumbing, back-splash, under-mount & pendant lighting was all installed and were waiting for the counter top. Well, that was not all that was accomplished over the next two weeks. During the counter top wait time, Bennett refinished the kitchen ceiling so it was more flat and smooth in appearance, finished off the edging with finishing strips in the same material as the cabinets or with caulking, depending on the particular … [Read more...]

Kitchen Remodeling – Part 5 – Installation Begins

sink side

The day finally arrives for kitchen and bath remodel. The truck backs into the driveway containing our new kitchen cabinets, drawers and shelves. Yippee! Bennett enters the house for the second time. Who is Bennett? Bennett is the VERY nice gentleman providing the actual installation services for the kitchen design firm where Jim works. We first met Bennett when around 8 weeks prior to the installation date when he came over, and using the plans from Jim: Checked the measurements … [Read more...]

Kitchen Remodeling – Part 4 – Task Sequencing

Now that the new kitchen design has been locked down and contracts signed, Hire residential remodeling houston tx to make your home design remodelled. For us it was the sequencing of all the tasks that needed to be completed BEFORE the new kitchen cabinets and counter tops were installed. These steps included the following: Demolish the old kitchen removal of the counter tops removal of the cabinets removal of the flooring removal of the single ceiling light removal of the … [Read more...]

Kitchen Remodeling – Part 3 – Kitchen Design Selection


As mentioned in yesterday's article, we were now at the stage of selecting a design for our new kitchen with Jim, our chosen designer was made from Think HI; chosen that is as long as he could come up with a design which would be: accessible for all family members within the intended decor of the home after the renovations within a price range that we could afford Notice that we did not mention above '...installed in the time frame per our home renovation plan.' We'll save that … [Read more...]

Kitchen Remodeling – Part 2 – Kitchen Designer Selection


Now that we were armed with at least an awareness of different materials, designs, options for kitchens today from the home show, we went about selecting a kitchen design firm. We liked the kitchen in the present house so we knew for certain that we would be going back to them. From the home show we picked up some business cards of kitchen design firms in our geographic area. Some designers stood out like CKCo in Columbus Ohio as they're expert at kitchen remodeling. We did not want to pick a … [Read more...]

Kitchen Remodeling – Part 1 – Preparation

Old kitchen

Back in the spring of 2007, we had been looking for numerous years for a home which could accommodate all of our family members as equals, including one who is physically challenged, we really needed platform stair lifts for whichever house we were going to get, so we decided to contact to get some help. For us, this meant we needed a bungalow with the following all on the main floor: two master bedrooms, with at least one containing … [Read more...]



Hi, I'm Dan. Yes, I am just like most of you. That is because most of you are not home improvement contractors, professional or otherwise. ;) As well, most of you do not work for a home repair or improvement retailer, company or service provider. Most people I meet try to be careful with their money and want to learn and benefit from others' experiences. I do have a financial professional educational and work background; heck, I even used to be an auditor, can you believe that? … [Read more...]

Home Renovation Tip – Re-Covering Obtrusive Support Beams

Old Eating

    Today we have as our daily home renovation tip the before and after picture of the eating area. BEFORE Wall paper on the wall (removed in the After picture) Railing to the right of the pic between the wall and the obtrusive support beam (also removed in the After pic) Window covering of the sliding door to the deck (replaced in the After pic) Covering of the obtrusive support team painted blue (more on this in a minute) so it stands out against the wallpaper Tile … [Read more...]

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