Using LED Lights In The Garage

Garage Door Opener

The past few article in this LED home lighting series has seen us write about the LED PAR 20 type of light bulb. We actually started this LED home lighting series looking at the workhorse of most home light bulbs in North America, the A19. Today we thought we would return to the A19 type of LED light bulb and see how it would work in the garage. Now, The Home Depot's A19 EcoSmart 9 Watt LED light bulb is, according to the product description, is dimmable and is for use … [Read more...]

Using LED Light Bulbs in Home Ceiling Outlets

Ceiling Light With Non-Working CFL Light Bulbs

In our prior article reviewing the use of The Home Depot's 9 Watt EcoSmart LED light bulb, model A19, we took a look at using this new electricity saving light bulb in a table lamp, reading lamp and a flood lamp where it works very well. Today's article reviewing the every day use of the 9 Watt LED version of the 40 Watt incandescent workhorse light bulb used in North American homes for decades takes a look at how it performs in two fairly typical ceiling light outlet situations. For the … [Read more...]

EcoSmart A19 LED Light Bulb Review

LED 9 Watt Bulb In Reading Lamp

In our last article within this series on LED light bulbs for the home, I discussed why LEDs are superior to CFL light bulbs. There were numerous reasons for my preference of LEDs vs CFLs or the old fashioned incandescent light bulbs which we detailed in the above referenced article. It is important, I think, to be reminded about the benefits of using any new technology. So, in summation, the reasons why I prefer using LED lighting in my home include: Lights in a home accounts for … [Read more...]

Do Dryerballs Live Up To The Hype – 2

Nellie's Dryerballs 1

Yesterday in Part 1 we started to review dryer balls (or dryerballs) which are a rubberized type of product which goes into the dryer to, so the product claims say, reduce the amount of time needed to dry the clothes. And, if the dryer runs less then less electricity is consumed and the monthly electric utility bill will go down. So, we ran our own unscientific test with a heavy, medium and light laundry loads. With the heavy load (including four oversized bath towels) I checked the … [Read more...]

Do Dryerballs Live Up To The Hype – 1

Nellie's Dryerballs

A few days ago we wrote on the many home energy conservation suggestions which are also money saving tips to reduce the electricity consumed in the home which are very inexpensive to do. One of the items on that list was to use dryerballs in the clothes dryer to reduce the amount of time it takes to dry the clothes from the washing machine. At $16 for a pair and with a fair return policy from the store where I bought them I thought "What the heck, let's give it a try." What are dryer … [Read more...]

Replace Worn Door Sweep

Broken Door Sweep

Last week we wrote an article on different ways one could reduce heating (in the winter) and cooling (in the summer) utility bills through low cost energy conservation tips. Within that article was the suggestion to install door sweeps at the bottom of exterior doors. What if the door sweep becomes worn or broken? Well, replace it. In our case the door sweep I had installed just last year on the bottom of the cold cellar door had already broken. So, it was not really keeping out … [Read more...]

Interior Window Plastic Insulation – 1

Basement Bay Windows

A few days ago we wrote an article in our continuing series on Home Energy Conservation on inexpensive ways home owners can use to reduce their home heating bills. Today we wanted to demonstrate one of those suggestions; specifically, suggestion #30 on using plastic window insulation kits on the inside of your windows. Now, if you recall we have these very large 5 foot high windows in our basement's billiard area.  These were not among the windows we replaced with ENERGY STAR windows … [Read more...]

Energy Conservation Project Listing – Solar Charged Lawn Mower

Linamar Solar Charged Mower

Editor's Note: This series of articles reviewed in detail the first year of the Solaris / Epic / Utopia brands of cordless electric self propelled lawn mower with the optional solar charging station from Linamar Consumer Products. To view the 2010 review, simply select this link to the Solaris Electric Cordless Solar Charged Lawn Mower 2010 review. We have had requests to provide pages listing all of the articles within our many series of home renovation and home energy conservation projects. … [Read more...]

Energy Conservation Project Listing – Retractable Screens

DreamScreen Retractable Screens French Door Installed

We have been asked to list all of the articles we have written for our various home renovation and energy conservation projects. Below you will find the links to each article in our series of retractable screens, including what the product is all about, how it is installed and how it looks. The product we use is from DreamScreens Canada. This is a great product to help let the outside air in the house to reduce excess heat buildup yet hide out of the way when not being used, … [Read more...]

Energy Conservation Project Listing – EZ Snap Exterior Solar Blinds

EZ Snap Exterior Solar Shades

We have had requests for us to create separate pages which will list every article we have written about our experinces within a particular home renovation or home energy conservation project of ours. So, this week, the week between Christmas and New Years, that is exactly what we will do. You asked for it, you got it! ;) Today we present our experiences installing and using the exterior solar blinds / solar shades we purchased over the Internet from EZ Snap. This way you won't have to … [Read more...]

Solar Air Heating – Part 21 – Temperature Rise Discussion

Ceiling Vent In Early Morning

In Part 20, we addressed (hopefully satisfactorily) a question from a visitor to who wanted to know about the temperature of the air intake component when the solar air collector was not on. Today, we address what to me is the most significant question about the performance of any solar air heating unit in our quest for energy conservation within our home by way of this type of supplemental home heating device; namely, what is the temperature rise? First, what is … [Read more...]

Solar Powered Outdoor Christmas Lights – The Follow-up

Solar Christmas Lights After Storm

Last week we wrote three articleson our experiences with this new type of energy conservation product. One of our readers who goes by the handle 'A' (he's shy ;) ) asked that we follow-up on our experience with these energy conservation products during the Christmas season. So, here we are. As I write this we have had the backyard set of lights for about 3 weeks now and and the front set for about a week. Yesterday ended this massive 48 hour period in which we had the first major snow … [Read more...]

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