How To Prepare Tiled Floor For Re-Tiling

Front Foyer Old Tile - View From Kitchen

How do you properly prepare an already tiled floor for new floor tiles? Well, personally I don't. However, last summer I had a tile company come and install the oversized 24 inch by 24 inch porcelain floor tiles in our front hallway and adjoining laundry room. Here is a picture or two of the starting point. The front hallway already had 23 year old original floor tile which came with the house. In the adjoining laundry room there was linoleum flooring. So, what steps were … [Read more...]

Bathroom Floor Tiling Project – Floor Vent

Floor Vent Close to Wall

Yesterday, in our continuing review of our bathroom floor tiling project using SnapStone porcelain floor tiles, we discussed a few different aspects of the flexible grout. Today I wanted to cover the approach taken with the floor vent. This was the situation with the placement of the floor vent in the bathroom. As you can see in the picture below it is located very close to the wall just off to the side of the sink. We made the decision to center as much as possible the floor tile … [Read more...]

Bathroom Floor Tiling Project – Grouting Observations

SnapStone Grout Buckets

When we last wrote about our bathroom floor tiling home renovation project, we discussed the application of the SnapStone porcelain floor tiles in and around the toilet. Today, I wanted to mention the grouting. Now, the grout used with SnapStone floor tiles is different. It is make to provide just enough 'give' to meet the needs of the SnapStone tiles which as we know by now from prior articles in this project series are simply laid on top of existing sub-floor. You can see all the … [Read more...]

Bathroom Floor Tiling Project – Get The Installation Kit

SnapStone Installation Tool Kit

We have spent many articles in this series on our bathroom floor tiling project about the floor preparation. Every situation will be different. Our bathroom floor needed a lot of preparation as you saw; much more than most. However, once the floor is fully prepped, it is time to start laying the tile. Now, remember, the major difference with these porcelain floor tiles from SnapStone is that you do not use any type of thin-set between the under-floor and the tile. This will save a lot of … [Read more...]

Bathrom Floor Tiling Project – Floor Preparation Completed

Bathroom Floor Meets Adjoining Bedroom Floor

Last time, in our continuing bathroom floor tiling home renovation project, Bennett had completed screwing down the many loose areas of the particle board sub-floor to eliminate the significant squeaks. As well, he had used his level to ensure that the floor was sufficiently, well, level for the SnapStone porcelain floor tile. He then proceeded to install plywood board on top of the existing sub-floor. There were several reasons he took this approach. We already told you last time that we … [Read more...]

Bathroom Floor Tiling Project – SnapStone Floor Tile

SnapStone Floor Tile

In life, timing is everything or nothing. Several weeks ago I was approached by Maya of SSPR, a public relations firm, if I was in need of floor tiles. While we underwent major renovations in almost every area of our home three summers ago, two projects which we did not undertake was to replace the floor tile in our main foyer and to install floor tile in our laundry room As well, another home renovation project which has been placed on our to do list is to install floor tiles in one of … [Read more...]

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