Preparing Laundry Room Floor For Tiles – Part 1

Washer Dryer Area After Machines Moved

In our continuing series on floor tile installation in our front foyer and laundry room areas, we showed the result of removing the 23 year old tile from the front foyer floor. Today we look at the preparation of the linoleum covered floor of the adjacent laundry room which is to be covered by the same tile. Start at the beginning, right? So, first the washer and dryer were unhooked and placed in the garage. Then the door to the closet in the laundry room was removed and placed … [Read more...]

Finishing Floor Tile Removal

Scraping Excess Old ThinSet

In our continuing series on the re-tiling of our front foyer and adjacent laundry room, we saw the initial effort to remove the 23 year old tile in the front hall way. Today, we finish that effort and see the results. Once all the tiles were removed, the contractors then proceeded to use a shop-vac to remove all the loose cement. As they did this, they also used the large metal scraper you see in the picture below to scrap of any excess thin-set left over from the initial tile … [Read more...]

Closing Opening in Wall With Drywall

Initial Screws Along Drywall Edge Opening

In our continuing series on the repair of the crack in our finished basement foundation, last time we saw the approach and techniques used to repair the opening in the wood frame, apply the new insulation and finally repair the opening which had been made in the vapour barrier. In this article we cover how Fitz from Clarke Basement Systems repaired the opening made in the drywall. After measuring the opening in the drywall, Fitz proceeded to cut a piece to approximate the 34 inches high … [Read more...]

Bathrom Floor Tiling Project – Floor Preparation Completed

Bathroom Floor Meets Adjoining Bedroom Floor

Last time, in our continuing bathroom floor tiling home renovation project, Bennett had completed screwing down the many loose areas of the particle board sub-floor to eliminate the significant squeaks. As well, he had used his level to ensure that the floor was sufficiently, well, level for the SnapStone porcelain floor tile. He then proceeded to install plywood board on top of the existing sub-floor. There were several reasons he took this approach. We already told you last time that we … [Read more...]

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