Sealing Home Air Leaks To Reduce Home Heating Bills

Cansolair Solar Max 240 Installed

There are many energy saving ways to reduce home heating bills in the winter. Activities such as increasing attic insulation, sufficient wall insulation, basement wall insulation, high efficiency furnace, conversion to natural gas furnace (from, for example, home heating oil), solar air collectors, ENERGY STAR windows, and so on. The challenge is that each of these above tactics cost a lot of money. We are talking $1,000 and up ... even after most available government grants. And, … [Read more...]

Interior Window Plastic Insulation – 3

Double Window

In Part 2 we finished installing the plastic insulating film over one of the 5 foot high windows in our walkout basement. Once this was done we proceeded to install the plastic film in the same manner on the other two windows in the basement, including the 5 foot b y 8 foot wide double window. Here's a picture of that double window once the see through pastic insulation had been installed but before the excess plastic (seen on the left) had been removed and the hand held blow dryer applied … [Read more...]

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