Hairline Cracks In Floor Tile Cement Base

Initial Cracks in Floor Tile Supporting Concrete

In the last article within this floor tiling home renovation project series, much but not all of the laundry room floor was tiled. This was the day after additional cement mixture was placed on top of the recently added metal screen intended to support the new large floor tiles. The theory was that the weight of the 24 inch by 24 inch floor tiles would not be supported by additional cement mixture needed on top of the metal screen to level the tiles due to a minor slope in the particle … [Read more...]

Bathrom Floor Tiling Project – Floor Preparation Completed

Bathroom Floor Meets Adjoining Bedroom Floor

Last time, in our continuing bathroom floor tiling home renovation project, Bennett had completed screwing down the many loose areas of the particle board sub-floor to eliminate the significant squeaks. As well, he had used his level to ensure that the floor was sufficiently, well, level for the SnapStone porcelain floor tile. He then proceeded to install plywood board on top of the existing sub-floor. There were several reasons he took this approach. We already told you last time that we … [Read more...]

Bathrooom Floor Tiling Project – Floor Preparation Continued

Bathroom Floor Prep Almost Completed

The past few articles in this series on our bathroom floor tiling project dealt with different aspects of floor preparation, following the removal of the carpet (yes, carpet), under-padding and baseboard molding. Today we complete our look at the floor preparation. So, the picture below of our backroom sub-floor is where things sat after dealing with the above, as well as with the single row of tile around the bathtub as well as the tile underneath the toilet. Look closely at the … [Read more...]

Bathroom Floor Tiling Project – Floor Preparation Under the Toilet

Toto 6L Power Flush Toilet on Broken Floor Tile

Yesterday, we took a look at the floor preparation by the tub in the bathroom which we are covering with porcelain tile from SnapStone. Today, we take a look at preparing the floor under the toilet. Now, while there was a question whether we would leave the existing single row of tile against the bathtub, there was no question about the existing tile underneath the toilet as shown in the picture of the Toto 6 litre power flush toilet below. It was cracked. It had to go. If you look … [Read more...]

Bathroom Floor Tiling Project – Floor Preparation Under the Bathtub

Bathtub With Tile Floor Border Broken

In yesterday's article we began the preparation of the floor within the bathroom we were going to apply floor tile.Once the carpet, under-padding and baseboard molding were removed, Bennett started to work on the flooring by the bathtub. Why? Well, here is a picture of the bathtub just after the carpet was removed. What you should notice are two things. First, the bathtub has a skirt along its length (removed in the above picture; however you can still see the wooden support frame). … [Read more...]

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