Recessed Ceiling LED Lighting Review

One PAR 20 LED Light Bulb In Ceiling

In our previous home LED lighting series, I discussed the PAR 20 light bulb, the need we had for it within our many recessed ceiling pot lighting fixtures. I also indicated that my focus was that the LED light bulb I ordered look as much as possible as the current 50 Watt incandescent PAR 20 light bulbs and that it was the same size. Now, in the prior article I purposely left out the wattage equivalent of the LED PAR 20 light bulb which I obtained from The Home Depot who are sponsoring … [Read more...]

Using The Home Depot’s Energy Saving EcoSmart A19 LED Light Bulb Review

Beige Floor Vent Cover on Charchoal Floor Tile

Today we continue to our series of articles reviewing energy saving LED lighting for the home. In our previous article on using the EcoSmart LED A19 light bulb from The Home Depot, we focused on using this LED light bulb within ceiling light receptacles for very small areas; a walk-in closet, bathrooms (both on the main floor and in the basement) and a basement landing area. Now, we turn our attention to using this energy saving device in the same type of ceiling receptacles but in larger … [Read more...]

The Home Depot EcoSmart LED Light Bulbs

A19 LED vs Incandescent Light Bulb

Back in August of this year The Home Depot announced that they would be bringing to market a new line of light emitting diodes, commonly referred to as LED, light bulbs called EcoSmart. EcoSmart LED light bulbs have started to appear in The Home Depot retail outlets in the United States and should soon start to appear in its Canadian stores. Good thing. Electricity rates will be going up a whopping 46% in some areas of North America over the next 5 years! Good time to be taking a second … [Read more...]

How To Buy Home Light Bulbs On Line

Do you fully understand all the different shapes, sizes, attributes of light bulbs? Or do you have an expert in the family who does? If you answered yes to either of the above questions, then go over to the right side of this page and select a different home renovation, maintenance, electronics or energy conservation article within from the election of our article categories. If you do not, then you just might be interested in a gold mine of easy to understand … [Read more...]

Winter Is Coming – Bring Solar Lights and Batteries Inside

Solar Panel For Solar Charged Lawn Mower

Consider this your friendly neighborhood annual reminder. These days you will get a lot of people who have solar patio and garden lights on their properties to access their gardens or provide lighting along pathways and driveways. You might also have people who use a solar panel or two, like us, to charge the batteries of their electric cordless lawn mower. Well, do not let the batteries freeze. Yes, we have all noticed it is cooler in the early mornings now that the fall season … [Read more...]

Solar LED Garden or Patio Border Lights from Canadian Tire

Pinnacle Solar LED Garden Light Tops

A few days ago I wrote about some solar LED lighting we received from our friends at Canadian Tire. First it was about the pair of LED lights connected to a separate solar panel to provide a large amount of light for your outdoor patio. Then it was about the pair of Emerald rocks containing a small solar panel on top and LED lighting on the side to provide accent lighting for your outdoor garden. Today I wanted to show you another type of solar powered LED lights available for the … [Read more...]

CFL Bulbs – Compact Florescent Lamp Bulbs

Energy saving light bulbs. If you are an average Joe like me who can be confused easily by terms and acronyms, it's easy to understand why so many of us shy away from 'new stuff'. Yet, as a home owner trying to make 'ends meet', no one is going to take responsibility for you saving money on your household expenses except you. And, you are not a renovation expert (who really is?) but you do want to make simple changes in your house that can both save you money and help you feel good about … [Read more...]

Home Renovation Tip – Lighting for Billiard / Pool Table & Referrals

Pool 1

Today's home renovation tip is related to the moving of the billiard table. BEFORE AND AFTER After many requests we finally have some photo's to show you on our home. These first two are, obviously, of the billiard table area of our walkout basement.   How is this a tip? Well, do you have any idea how much an over sized (some might say 'regulation') billiard table weighs? A lot. And, it needed to be moved from the position it was originally in because we needed to build a wall to … [Read more...]

Home Renovation Tip – Motion Sensor Coach Lights

Today's home renovation tip asks: why don't they make these yet? You know what motion sensor lights are, right? They are the type that you leave on, and they are very dim until they sense movement close to the lights in which case they then turn bright for a period of time that you can adjust. Well, we purchased and installed two by our front door. There also exists an outside light on top of a small wall protruding from our garage wall, called a coach light that stands upright. We … [Read more...]

Home Renovation Tip – Where’s That Billiard Table Going, Again?

The house came with a regulation (over sized to most of us) billiard table in the basement. It's not in pristine condition and we are not billiard / pool players but what the heck. We had to move it because it's location was in the way of the new wall we were building to make a bedroom for one of our daughters. We called a company that specializes in moving and setting up such things. The move went fine, was actually very inexpensive and took under an hour. We moved it to the other end of … [Read more...]

Home Renovation Tip – Ceiling Pot Lights & Time

Part of our home renovation was to modernize the 20 year old house. While we did not plan for it, since it was a bungalow, our contractor suggested we put ceiling pot lights in a few of the rooms, starting with the kitchen and eating area. Then said our contractor, since his crew would already be up in the attic, why not put them in the family room as well..........and the 2 bedrooms on the main fllor........and the closet and ensuite for the master bedroom. Yes, they look nice.........but … [Read more...]

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