Garden Makeover – Part 2 – The Plan

Plan with Pic's

Our intention with the garden make over is not just to make it more astectically pleasing but to have it as low maintenance as possible. I don't have, as I used to, the time or the interest in going out into the garden every month or so to trim fast growing bushes, to pull weeds out of the dirt and perform general maintenance. I want a low to no maintenance garden. You have to be alert for all those things if you want a clean garden which is why I recommend getting a lawn mower. Where to … [Read more...]

Garden Makeover – Part 1 – The Project

Small Front Garden Pre-Remodelled

We have, and continue to write, about the interior renovations and energy conservation activities in our home, we have done some awesome projects with the drywall contractors that are so excited to tell you guys about. This article begins a new series on the makeover of our front gardens. The person from whom we purchased the house turned off the in ground sprinkler system between the date we waived our final condition on our offer and the dated we actually took possession, around 60 days. … [Read more...]

If You Need a Wheel Barrel, Get This Instead – Part 2 – The Jardin Super’Pro

Jardin Multi-Purpose Cart 1

In Part 1 we described the need for a new wheel barrel (or, wheelbarrow, depending on where you live) due to some extensive yard work we had ahead of us. We also stated that we would never buy or use another wheel barrel every again. Here is what we will be using instead. It's called the Jardin Multi-Purpose Cart, or the Super'Pro Chariot....take your pick. I purchased it at Home Depot for just under $50 (try buying a wheel barrel for that price!). So that is advantage … [Read more...]

If You Need a Wheel Barrel, Get This Instead – Part 1 – The Need

Jardin Multi-Purpose Cart

As you will see in the near future from a new series of articles about the renovation of our front garden, we are working outside the house much of the time this spring and early summer. Some of our activities include: cleaning the leaves, branches, dead plants, and other such debris from the past winter; moving the 6 cubic yards of top soil from the pile left by the garden center's truck on our driveway onto the front and back gardens; moving decorative stones from the main garden around to … [Read more...]

Stump Removal – Part 1 – The Need

Before Picture with Trees

We will soon begin a large series of articles about the 'renovation'  :-)  of the main and two subsidiary gardens at the front of our home. For now, however, we will jump ahead and discuss the removal of tree stumps. Why? Well a friend of mine in New York City, Dan K. (or known to me as 'brother Dan') was intrigued about the method used by a contractor to remove tree stumps from our front garden in order that we could lay down some plastic decking. So, I told him I would write about the … [Read more...]

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