Planning for Garden Growth

Stella D'Or Day Lily's In A Row

So, you are planning to build a new garden or to remodel part of an existing garden in your home as part of your fall outdoor home renovation activities. Do you buy and plant new shrubs and perennials for how they look today or how they will look in two, three or 5 years from now? Plan for the long term. Do you check to see if a particular evergreen or bush is a slow growing or a fast growing plant before you buy it? You should. Take as an example our Stella D'Or Day … [Read more...]

Fall Garden Cleanup – 2

After Clean Up 016

Yesterday we showed you pictures of the garden beside our front door before and after our front garden cleanup, as well as the pictures of our front garden prior to the cleanup this fall. In case you missed the sorry state of our front garden, here is a short video clip where you can see the overgrown Hostas, the wildness of the two small trees at the front of both the left and right sides of our front garden and especially some of the Pyramidal Yews which have almost lost their attractive … [Read more...]

Fall Garden Cleanup – 1

Front Garden Before Clean Up 1

No time like the present. Winter is coming. And, I want to clean up the front garden now before it gets cold outside making this task more unpleasant than it already is. OK, so it's not hard ... when it is still nice and warm and sunny outside. So here are some home maintenance tips you can use for your own garden. I purposely (that is my story and, yes, I am sticking with it) left our front garden unattended all summer, just to see how many weeds might grow through the garden mulch. … [Read more...]

Garden Makeover – Part 18 – Hostas In Full Bloom

Flowering Hostas 1

We return now to our ongoing series of articles on the makeover of our front garden. We have written before about how much we like the Hostas type of plant for a garden. They seem to grow in any type of soil. They seem to spread each year to cover more ground. And most of them produce their own flowers once per year. What we wanted to show you today is how they look in full bloom. First are some pictures with some of the flower shoots starting to appear. Next are pictures of … [Read more...]

Garden Makeover – Part 9 – Front Garden Gets Its Turn

Hostas Transplanted

Now that the two small gardens on either side of the front door have been made over, we can turn our attention to the main front garden. First, thank you to Floor Sanders Perth that suggested we put more hostas plants in the main front garden as well. Sounded good to us. More of the low / no maintenance type of garden plant. This was the first thing we did, since they were still small plants he also recommend the best led grow lights in the market so they will grow faster and … [Read more...]

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