MicroFIT Solar Panel Home Installation

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Over the summer and early fall we wrote about our own experiences with the Ontario MicroFIT program which provides a 20 year contract at a fixed price rate to purchase all of the electricity a household or farm can produce. In our case we were considering installing solar panels on the south-ish facing and the west-south facing roof of our home. We haven't yet proceeded. As of the time this article was written, we had not yet received our conditional contract from the Ontario Power … [Read more...]

Cutting Energy Costs: Small Changes Do Matter, Part 1

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In 2005 it became imperative that I get our household expenses in hand. We live in Texas, where the deregulation of the electricity market was supposed to be a good thing. It has been -- for the energy companies. At the time my personal campaign started, we were paying, on average, about .31 cents per kWh. You see, the price of juice down here can vary daily, a fact most people don’t realize. I’m writing this in January 2010 when we’re currently paying .13 cents per kWh, just a penny … [Read more...]

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