How To Install Oversized Floor Tiles

Old Light Floor Tile Against Dark Hardwood Flooring

A few days ago we provided a summary of the many articles we wrote about preparing both a previously tiled floor as well as one covered with linoleum for new oversized floor tiles. Today, we provide you with the listing of the articles, with many pictures, we wrote about the installation of oversized 24 inch by 24 inch floor tiles upon completing the many steps involved with first preparing both floors. As a reminder,our floor tiling project began with 23 year old tiled flooring in our … [Read more...]

Floor Tiling Project Begins

Front Foyey Old Tile - View From Kitchen

Today we begin with the first article in a new home renovation series. This time we have a more traditional floor tile project in some senses from our previous SnapStone floor tile project yet just a little more modern floor tile project in some other senses. And, when I say 'we', I am referring to the use of a flooring retailer who provides installation services. I will not be performing this home renovation project myself. In this home renovation project, we are: removing the … [Read more...]

Bagster Bag

Garden Shed Contents

If you have been a visitor to our site over the past 2+ years, you know that we have been involved in many different home renovation, home maintenance and home energy conservation projects. With such demolition and renovate projects, one is left with excess supplies (e.g. drywall boards, carpet remnants, quarter round, etc.) as well as, well, what one would label garbage (e.g carpet under-padding, broken floor tiles, replaced old bathtub or sink). If it is your responsibility to deal with … [Read more...]

Bathroom Floor Tiling Project – Grouting Observations

SnapStone Grout Buckets

When we last wrote about our bathroom floor tiling home renovation project, we discussed the application of the SnapStone porcelain floor tiles in and around the toilet. Today, I wanted to mention the grouting. Now, the grout used with SnapStone floor tiles is different. It is make to provide just enough 'give' to meet the needs of the SnapStone tiles which as we know by now from prior articles in this project series are simply laid on top of existing sub-floor. You can see all the … [Read more...]

Bathroom Floor Tiling Project – SnapStone Tiles Installed

Floor Tile Install Supervisor

In this next article within our continuing bathroom floor tiling project series, I wanted to show a series of pictures which show the progression of the tiles being laid. As we progress from one picture to the next, you can see what starts out looking like a home renovation DIY type of project to one of a bathroom with a very nice looking tile floor. Now, with our dog Sandy supervising ;) the installation process of the SnapStone floor tiles from the adjacent bedroom in the above … [Read more...]

Bathroom Floor Tiling Project – Floor Preparation

Bathroom Floor With Carpet

In the second part of this multi-article series on replacing the current flooring in one of our bathrooms with SnapStone porcelain floor tile, we examined the current bathroom floor situation. Today, we begin to prepare the bathroom floor. I need to begin by telling you that life sometimes gets in the way of one's home renovation plans. I had fully planned to do this project myself, especially with the SnapStone floor tiles being easy to install even for the non-professional (yes, that is me … [Read more...]

ecoENERGY Retrofit – Homes – Number of Assessors Displaced

On this Earth Day I thought I would write about the implications of a very recent not so environmentally supportive decision by the Federal Government of Canada. Trust. A simple 5 letter word. Yet, for such a simple word it can be hard to obtain. And, when lost, it can be almost impossible to retain. Back on March 31, 2010 it was announced that the ecoENERGY Retrofit - Homes program, the one which provided financial incentives for Canadian households to undertake energy … [Read more...]

Bathtub Faucet Repair

Bathub Spout

Plumbing. It is one of those words which makes me shiver in fear.  I'm not a certified professional plumber. Quite frankly I do not know a lot about basic plumbing as this experience will illustrate. I probably know less than the average person. Now, we had an issue in one of the main floor bathrooms in our home; the same one in which soon we will be undertaking the installation of porcelain flooring tile. In the above picture, you can see the spout coming out from the wall. You … [Read more...]

Drop Ceiling Directional Air Register Installation

Removing Old Ceiling Air Register

Yesterday, we wrote about the need we had to deflect the air coming out of an air register within our basement drop ceiling. I had found a 2 in 1 plastic air vent register which contained a built in deflector that would seem to meet our need, containing a middle component which would allow the air to optionally be directed towards one side of the unit. The installation actually took less time than I had thought, about 10 minutes or so. It was one of those home maintenance tasks which was … [Read more...]

Home Energy Conservation Government Grants – ecoENERGY Revisited – 3

Energy Audit Report Page 1 Recommendation Basement

Editor's Note: Over the holidays we are re-publishing selected articles related to our ecoENERGY energy conservation experiences. Some of the grant amounts may have changed. To access the more than 20 articles we have written on our energy conservation experiences through the ecoENERGY Residential Retrofit program, simply use this link to access our ecoENERGY Energy Conservation page. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ So far we have looked at the EnerGuide Rating within the … [Read more...]

Long Term Home Energy & Water Conservation Tips – 1

Editor's Note: To view the 500+ different energy and water conservation tips for the home we have collected, simply access our free home Energy Savings and Water Savings Guide, 2nd Edition We have reviewed over the summer and fall all the different categories of home energy and water conservation tips from our Energy Savings Guide, except one. Today we start our review of the home energy and water reduction ideas which are more strategic, more long term and which apply to all the different … [Read more...]

ENERGY STAR Rated Replacement Windows – Air Leaks 4

Several weeks ago we wrote three articles on the air leaks which had occurred in two of our ENERGY STAR rated replacement windows, even though they were merely one year old.Several weeks went by between the time we notified the sales representative of the company from whom we purchased the windows and when the installers arrived at our home. Why? The reason is simple. The manufacturer needed time to, well, manufacturer the replacement ENERGY STAR rated windows and we wanted to wait until … [Read more...]

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