The Home Depot Renew and Redo Your Bath Event

Themed Bathrooms for Renew Your Bath

You may have already heard about it, The Home Depot Renew and Redo Your Bath event in the USA. This is more than a sales event. I don't have to tell you about the nasty weather outside, which makes it a good time for those indoors home improvement and renovation project. Renewing a bath can mean a variety of updates including changing out a vanity, adding new lighting, installing a new floor, changing out the toilet, replacing the showerhead or adding a new paint color. During their … [Read more...]

Bagster Bag

Garden Shed Contents

If you have been a visitor to our site over the past 2+ years, you know that we have been involved in many different home renovation, home maintenance and home energy conservation projects. With such demolition and renovate projects, one is left with excess supplies (e.g. drywall boards, carpet remnants, quarter round, etc.) as well as, well, what one would label garbage (e.g carpet under-padding, broken floor tiles, replaced old bathtub or sink). If it is your responsibility to deal with … [Read more...]

ecoENERGY Report – Part 22 – Final EnerGuide Rating

EnerGuide Rating - 'E' Energy Audit

Approximately 6 weeks after the second or 'E' Energy Efficiency Assessment (i.e. energy audit), we received the final 'package' from the accredited ecoENERGY assessors. It wasn't much of a report. Why? Well, we already knew which energy conservation home improvements were eligible for ecoENERGY grants. In fact, at the end of these second, or 'E' energy audit, you need to sign a couple of forms acknowledging this. So, as we wrote about previously we did not achieve the 10% reduction in … [Read more...]

Home Energy Conservation – Tips Impacting All Energy Forms – 2

Editor's Note: To view the 240+ different energy conservation tips for the home we have collected, simply access our Un-Official Guide To Home Energy Conservation. Yesterday in Part 1 we reviewed the first 6 of the home energy conservation ideas which have the widest impact on a home's consumption of non-renewable energy resources. Today we complete this review by discussing the remaining 6 of the 12 ideas in our list that cost you nothing or almost nothing to do in your quest to reduce your … [Read more...]

Basement Ceiling Leak – Part 5 – More Shower Caulking


A few months ago in Part 4 when we last visited our basement leak Bennett, our kitchen installer, had come over and found more grout that appeared to not be properly finished in the shower of the en suite. The three air pipes in the basement from which water was dripping down onto the drip ceiling tiles in the basement were located directly underneath the en suite shower, lots of roofing companies come by because not all can fix everything, so for this part Roofing Columbia did their best … [Read more...]

Bathroom Fan Timers – Part 3 – The Decision1

Bathroom Fan Switch

In Part 2 we wrote about how the model we selected might not have been the best choice. They look great and very nice. However, there was a question about the sufficiency of the amps for using the electric fan timer. Yes, the packaging indicated 20 Amps and that it could be used for both lights and fans. We recommend to find an electrician near you every time you have an electric questions. However, here is the real reason why we returned this type and exchanged for another. This type … [Read more...]

Exterior Replacement Door – Part 23 – The Waiting Game

Yes, it has been a while since we wrote in Part 22 about the trials and tribulations of our replacement door experiences. We have not forgotten about you. It's just that we have to wait a bit for the next step. If you recall we had numerous issues with the installation of our replacement front door; everything from missed appointments to missing / broken pieces to in adequate installation and so on. Back in mid-April, after much consternation, we were able to receive the decision that yes … [Read more...]

Bathroom Fan Timers – Part 2

Timer With Face Plate Off

In Part 1, I wrote that I was all set to install my self two new bathroom timers for the fans in our bathroom to stop wasting electricity for all the times I left the fan on for hours on end, I'll probably be using Carron Baths help to the job, I have also been looking at electricity comparison business in the Uk, to see where I can get electricity tips form. It's a cool looking timer. Notice the timed settings in the picture below (with the face plate off):     Well, now … [Read more...]

Bathroom Fan Timers – Part 1

Timer Switch

Our ECOENERGY page contains all 15 of our articles outlining various details of the Energy Efficiency Evaluation (i.e. energy audit) report we received on our home as part of our participation of in the ecoENERGY Retrofit program. In the report, one of the recommendations was to include a timer for the switch on the bathroom walls used to turn the bathroom fan on and off. When I read that it was as if I was in one of those "I should have had a V8" commercials on television. What a great idea. … [Read more...]

Finishing the Door Handle Installation – Part 2

Finished Door Handle Hardward Inside Door

In yesterday's article we provided visual evidence of what an unfinished installation of the door handle hardware can look like. Today we conclude with the approach we used to finish the job. To finish the job and provide a more professional appearance all we did was to use Wood Filler that cost less than $5. Wood Filler comes in different colours. We actually had to wait a few days for the Wood Filler in white to be restocked. Yes, this is the same Wood Filler we used to finish the … [Read more...]

Finishing the Door Handle Installation – Part 1

Unfinished Door Handle

Today and tomorrow we present a short two part series on finishing door handle installation. Likely our frequent readers know my pet peave about renovation jobs that are not truly finished. When it comes to French Door from a building supply retailer, they arrive at your home usually without the hole cut for the door handle hardware to be installed. Either your contractor or you need to do this. Now, once this is done and the door handle hardware installed into the door and door frame, the … [Read more...]

Felt Protector Pads To The Rescue, Again

Run in Family Room

We have written previously about what to us was a unique use we made of felt protector pads on the wooden gate  in our garage. Well, here we are again. This time it is with our family room. As we discussed previously in our article about the makeover of our family room, we had installed hardwood flooring. However, having the family room, adjoining eating area and kitchen all with the same hardwood flooring can cause sound to travel. I am usually the last family member to go to bed at … [Read more...]

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