Improved Solar Charging Station Setup for Electric Lawn Mower

Solar Panel Resting on Metal Elbows

Yesterday I wrote about and showed the setup of the solar panel, solar charging station and batteries back in 2008 for our electric lawn mower. This setup was OK as it allowed us to operate our electric battery lawn mower without emitting any direct or indirect polluting emissions into the air as well as costing us noting to use the lawn mower. This year, I had a different idea for the setup. Back in 2008, the solar panel and charging station kit came with two metal elbows to support … [Read more...]

Sealing Basement Ceiling Vent Air Leaks

Vent Opening In Drywall Ceiling

Last year, we wrote about an issue I was having with a particular vent in the drywall ceiling within one of the rooms in our home's basement. The issue I was having was that due to the poor installation of the vent by the prior owners (not that I am an experienced basement finishing expert myself ... which I am not :) ), I was having a hard time installing a vent cover or register. The opening was constructed such that I could not fit into it a standard vent register. As well, there was … [Read more...]

Do Not Ignore Small Box Stores

Big box building supply stores. You know the ones. With all their advertising and promotions, it is easy to forget that they are not the only game in town. In today's tip, we have to give a plug to the specific small box store near where we live, specifically Goodes Home Hardware. Why are we doing this for, what we believe is, the first time in our blog's brief history? Well, it is due to the personal service they have given us continually since we started our renovation. Please do not … [Read more...]

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