Certain LED Lights Do Buzz in Dimmer Light Outlets

EcoSmart Par20 LED Lights Used

We have written a lot about the new EcoSense LED light bulbs from the Home Depot. List at least many (I can't say definitively all since I am not a lighting expert) LED light bulbs they do not contain any Mercury, which cannot be said for CFL type of energy saving light bulbs. And LED light bulbs in general, including the EcoSmart brand, use a lot less wattage for the same amount of light. We have switched all of our incandescent (i.e. the old fashioned) light bulbs (A19 size) as well … [Read more...]

Using LED Light Bulbs Is Saving Us Money

EcoSmart Par20 8 Watt LED Light Bulbs

A few days ago I wrote about the huge planned increase in electricity rates over the next several years where we live. Today, I wanted to review with you the impact that one of the tactics we are using to try and reduce our home's electric bill is having. The tactic: installing LED light bulbs. In early November last fall we received a large quantity of LED light bulbs from the Home Depot to try. We ordered enough A19 and PAR20 versions to replace about half of the CFL and incandescent … [Read more...]

We Have A Winner

... yet two interesting aspects came out from our $200 Home Depot Gift Card giveaway. If you recall, the past three weeks has seen us host this giveaway where one could enter an unlimited number of times. The only stipulation was that each entry contain a different way to conserve energy or clean water in a typical bathroom in a home (house or apartment). Why? Well, as you may recall our free Home Energy and Water Saving Guide was created from prior giveaways on our site in the same … [Read more...]

Home Depot $200 eGift Card Giveaway Ends Today

Hurry. Better hurry. If you want a chance at winning a $200 Home Depot eGift card to use however you want, then use the form below to enter as many times as you want in our Home Depot Bathroom Makeover $200 eGift Card giveaway. Remember, each entry you make must have a different way to reduce the amount of water used in a bathroom in a home or to reduce the amount of energy (electricity, water heating, etc.) again in a bathroom in a home (house or apartment). Not sure what you can do … [Read more...]

Last Week – Home Depot $200 Gift Card Giveaway

Just 7 days left in our Home Depot Gift Card giveaway; a $200 Home Depot Gift Card. Sure, all of the giveaway details can be found here in our original posting about the Home Depot Bathroom Makeover giveaway. Yet, here is the bottom line. Even with today being Super Bowl Sunday, the Packers vs the Steelers, why not take a few minutes before all of the Super Bowl hooplah begins, before the hours and hours of pre-game coverage, and make a few entries to win the $200 Home Depot Gift … [Read more...]

Completing Pivoting Toilet Paper Holder Installation

First Primer Coat Applied to Wall Repair

The past week or so we have written and shown with many pictures how easy it is to install a toilet paper holder. And, it is actually easier to install a pivoting toilet paper holder because once anchored to the wall, you can lift the bar between the two ends to repair any minor damage to the wall in behind the bathroom accessory. Today we finish the job. Here is where we left things with our new Moen Banbury Pivoting Toilet Paper holder in the brushed nickel finish which we purchased at … [Read more...]

Repairing Drywall Around New Pivoting Toilet Paper Holder

Potty Room

The past three articles in this short series on our new pivoting toilet paper holder has seen us reach the point where it is installed on the wall of our en suite potty room. We obtained the new toilet paper holder, the type where it is super easy to remove and replace the roll of toilet paper, during The Home Depot's  Renew and Redo Your Bath event. You can participate first if you want by entering our giveaway contest for a change to win your own $200 Home Depot Gift Card. Now, this is … [Read more...]

Home Depot Renew and Redo Your Bath Gift Card Giveaway – 2 Weeks Left

Quick note today. There are only two weeks left for you to enter our $200 Home Depot Renew and Redo Gift Card giveaway. The Home Depot currently has a bathroom renovation promotion throughout each store in the United States, yet this giveaway is open to residents of both the United States and Canada. As part of this promotion they have provided us with a $200 Home Depot Gift Card to give away to one of our site's visitors. The key to this giveaway? You can enter as many times as … [Read more...]

Installing Pivoting Toilet Paper Holder

Removal of Toilet Paper Holder Ends

Last time we wrote about the Moen Banbury Pivoting Toilet Paper Holder in brushed nickel we purchased at The Home Depot Renew and Redo Your Bath event. While it was not one of the many bathroom accessories on sale for 20% off, it was one which fit our en suite's accessories and finishing. Now, what about the installation? It is not hard; it simply entails several small steps. First of course is the removal of the current toilet paper holder. Once done, I wanted to see if the ends … [Read more...]

Pivoting Toilet Paper Holder

Disfunctional Toilet Paper Holder

As we have written about previously, The Home Depot in the USA is in the middle of a Renew and Redo Your Bath event, hence our $200 Home Depot Gift Card Giveaway. There are a bundle (in the thousands!) of bathroom accessories whose prices have been reduced by 20% as part of this event. For us, we like simple.  And our most of our bathrooms were renovated only 4 years ago or so. However, we did have a need to redo something in one of our bathrooms. Take a look at the picture … [Read more...]

The Home Depot Renew and Redo Your Bath Event

Themed Bathrooms for Renew Your Bath

You may have already heard about it, The Home Depot Renew and Redo Your Bath event in the USA. This is more than a sales event. I don't have to tell you about the nasty weather outside, which makes it a good time for those indoors home improvement and renovation project. Renewing a bath can mean a variety of updates including changing out a vanity, adding new lighting, installing a new floor, changing out the toilet, replacing the showerhead or adding a new paint color. During their … [Read more...]

Home Depot’s Renew Your Bath Gift Card Giveaway

The Home Depot Cheyenne WY Location

From now until February 23, 2011, Home Depot is having an in-store Renew and Redo Your Bath sales event at its retail stores in the USA. I went into the Cheyenne, WY Home Depot location yesterday and one can see the all new displays of different bathrooms with different combinations of bathroom fixtures and paint colors and flooring just for this month long event. Wow! And, the timing is pretty good don't you think? The weather outside is nasty, nasty, nasty. Just look at the American … [Read more...]

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