Long Term Home Energy & Water Conservation Tips – 4

Editor's Note: To view the 500+ different energy and water conservation tips for the home we have collected, simply access our free home Energy Savings and Water Savings Guide, 2nd Edition. Today we complete our review of the home energy and water reduction ideas which are more strategic, more long term and which apply to all the different energy and water resources. We have grouped this collection of money saving tips for the home (and even for the office) in a category we call … [Read more...]

Sealing Air Leaks Outside The House – 2

Electrical Cabling Air Leaks

Yesterday we way how old caulking can shrink and stop preventing air leaks around water pipes entering the home to cost you higher home heating costs in the winter and higher air conditioner costs in the summer. Today we start to look at the west wall of our home to see if we can locate any air leaks which we can seal for our house and which you can add to your collection of home maintenance tips and energy conservation tips to use for your own home. First we find one around what I believe … [Read more...]

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