Fixing Home Air Leaks Around Cold Cellar Door – 1

Cold Cellar Door

The past few weeks has seen us attempt to seal air leaks in our home which were uncovered during the recent home energy audit. This included: Sealing air leaks around the outside of the fireplace Sealing air leaks around the outside of the house Today we take a look at a very common place for air leaks in the basement of homes, specifically around the door between the cold cellar and the rest of the basement. In the past I had thought that having a door sweep at the bottom of the … [Read more...]

Caulking Guns – Is There A Difference?

Old Caulking Gun

Yes. I am known as one who likes to save a buck when I can. I tend to buy what's on sale and what is the cheapest, per unit. So, when it came to a caulking gun, way back when I saved a buck or two and purchased the cheapest. Here is he one I have had for ages. Below is a picture of the one I ended up buying which cost about a dollar or two than the above model which remains available at most hardware stores: Now,  I am about to go through several tubes of all types of caulking … [Read more...]

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