How To Repair Drywall – French Doors

Glass French Doors To Dining Room

Over the past couple of weeks we have written about our experiences repairing drywall in two very different situations: How To Repair Drywall Holes From Relocating Towel Rack How To Repair Crack Between Sheets of Drywall Today, we have a third different type of drywall damage in need of repair in which I thought you might be interested in how we did it. Take a look at the picture below. What do you see? Sure you see a pair of French Doors with glass inserts leading to a dining … [Read more...]

Color Coordinating Floor Tiles

Grey Floor Tile Against Dark Brown Hardwood

In the previous article within our floor tile home renovation project, we showed the solution to finishing the entrance from the sunken living room to the newly tiled front hall. With most of the tile installation tasks completed, I wanted to show you what our new front foyer and adjoining room looks like with our new over-sized floor tile. Now, here are two before pictures showing the front hall with the 23 year old original floor tile first from the entrance to the house and second from … [Read more...]

Exterior Replacement Door – Part 28 – Differences in Installation Techniques

Door 2 With Fascia Secured

In Part 27 we examined many of the differences between the first replacement door installed in January compared to this second replacement door installed in mid-June. In this article we review some of the differences in the installation techniques. First, in the last article in this series we mentioned that we could not find one plug used on the exterior cladding (compared to the hand painted while plugs with the first replacement door's install). Here is a picture of the second replacement … [Read more...]

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