How Fast Do Hills Yews Grow?

Hills Yews 1

Good question. When we undertook our front garden makeover project our intent was to have a relatively low maintenance garden. That meant slow growing bushes and shrubs. One type of evergreen shrubs included in our new front garden were Hills Yews. They are short evergreen shrubs which we are using in collections of three along the wall of our garage. If one is not a full time gardening professional, which we are not, one has to rely on the advice of the person at the garden … [Read more...]

Pruning Pyramidal Yews

Pyramidal Yews Before Planting

Merry Christmas! We thought it appropriate on Christmas Day to write about........evergreens. ;) We have written before in our Garden Makeover series about our desire to have a low maintenance front garden. Part of the garden plan we used called for Pyramidal Yews to be planted in both the two side gardens on either side of our front door as well as in our main front garden which was the primary focus of our garden makeover. Here is what they looked like right before … [Read more...]

Garden Makeover – Part 17 – Not All Hostas Are The Same

Side Garden Hostas

In Part 16  we used the example of the day lily's to suggest you check not just the label but also the leaves of the plants you purchase to ensure you are purchasing what you think you are purchasing. Today I would like to write about Hostas. I really like hostas. They are the broad leaf plant that grows and grows and grows in (at least for us) almost any soil. They have worked well for us in both full shade and partial sun. They are just about as no maintenance that I can find in a … [Read more...]

Garden Makeover – Part 15 – Planting the Climbing Hydrangea

Climbing Hydrangea

In Part 14 we talked about the climbing hydrangea we purchased according to the garden plan from the professional planner. These plants are climbers and will attach themselves to the brick of a house. They will also provide nice white (so we are told) flowers. Here is the garden plan for our front garden. See if you can spot on the plan where the climbing hydrangea are supposed to go. They are represented on the plan below by the letter A.   Yes, one climbing hydrangea is supposed to … [Read more...]

Garden Makeover – Part 13 – Hill’s Yew

Garden Plan Close-up

Now that the leak in our front garden is fixed, we can continue with our remodeling efforts to make our Inground Pools possible and our front garden not only one that is visually appealing but one that is also low / no maintenance, go and check our garden photos on Instagram. we were able to buy Instagram likes and purchase Instagram comments, now we gained tons of followers. We also like to hire this social media management company to help us improve our sites, we were able to find a review on … [Read more...]

Garden Makeover – Part 10 – Underground Sprinkler Issues

Remodeled Garden Water Issues

In Part 9 of our series on our garden makeover we had finished transplanting the Hostas, planing the Pyramidal Yews and the dozen Day Lily's. The next morning we discovered a problem that we had never encountered before. I am sure landscaping design contractors see this all the time, but this was a first for us, of course very professional Landscaping Company can always help you out. During the evening the 8 year old underground sprinkler system that came with the house came on.  A few … [Read more...]

Garden Makeover – Part 9 – Front Garden Gets Its Turn

Hostas Transplanted

Now that the two small gardens on either side of the front door have been made over, we can turn our attention to the main front garden. First, thank you to Floor Sanders Perth that suggested we put more hostas plants in the main front garden as well. Sounded good to us. More of the low / no maintenance type of garden plant. This was the first thing we did, since they were still small plants he also recommend the best led grow lights in the market so they will grow faster and … [Read more...]

Garden Makeover – Part 8 – Making Over the Side Gardens


In Part 7 the triple mix had arrived and we had spread it over the reshaped, front garden as well the two small gardens on either side of our front door. We were now ready to start transplanting the hostas we were keeping and planting the first of our new bushes (is a Pyramidal Yew a tree or a bush or a shrub? If you know, please drop us a line, would ya? My wife, Cath, thinks they are shrubs but I think they are trees. But, I digress. :-) ). The property's former owners really liked hostas, … [Read more...]

Garden Makeover – Part 1 – The Project

Small Front Garden Pre-Remodelled

We have, and continue to write, about the interior renovations and energy conservation activities in our home, we have done some awesome projects with the drywall contractors that are so excited to tell you guys about. This article begins a new series on the makeover of our front gardens. The person from whom we purchased the house turned off the in ground sprinkler system between the date we waived our final condition on our offer and the dated we actually took possession, around 60 days. … [Read more...]

Stump Removal – Part 2 – The Machine

Tree Stump Mulching Maching Closeup

Yesterday we started this short series of articles on tree stump removal in Part 1 by showing you both the before and after pictures. We had a crab apple tree and a large evergreen in the front garden that we needed removed so we could proceed with our garden makeover. Our friend in New York City, Dan K. (I'm not sure where he is from but he 'claims' to be a Boston Red Sox fan) was curious about the machine used by the contractor to remove the tree stumps. So here it is:   according … [Read more...]

Don’t Forget To Feed Your Trees

Tree Fertilizaer Spike Package

Today we digress from our usually home renovation focus to remind you to feed the trees on the outside of your house. Trees are environmentally friendly. :-) They provide shade to help cool your house or protect your lawn. And, home renovation tasks can include home maintenance tasks both inside and outside the house, right? However, I am always amazed by the number of home owners who will spend lots and lots of  money to take care of their lawn yet forget about their trees. Trees need … [Read more...]

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